HungaroControl awards Anne Kathrine Jensen, the Managing Director of Entry Point North

On the 26 of January HungaroControl celebrated its tenth anniversary where Kornél Szepessy, CEO of HungaroControl, handed over the Partner Award to Anne Kathrine Jensen, Managing Director of Entry Point North. It was given as an appreciation of the work for establishing a joint training academy Entry Point Central in Budapest. Anne Kathrine Jensen is much honored to receive this prestigious award as recognition of the successful cooperation between the two organisations.
The joint venture is a long-term, cross-border partnership that has been created with the purpose of increasing the level of initial air traffic controller training in this region. Initially, the newly established academy is training Hungarian students by delivering fully EUROCONTROL Common Core Content compliant courses. Entry Point Central has successfully started the training of 15 ab-initio air traffic control students in September 2011.

Background information:

About Entry Point North

Entry Point North is an award winning Air Traffic Management academy. Entry Point North was the first ATM academy accredited under the European Commissions directives towards the vision of the Single European Sky by 2020.

The academy is a total training solution provider, providing a wide range of services:
  • Training for air traffic controllers and air traffic services personnel;
  • Selection and recruitment according to EUROCONTROL FEAST testing and other testing tools;
  • Training of Air Traffic Safety Electronics Personnel;
  • Certified aviation English testing;
  • Various consultancy services for ANSPs.
Every year more than 300 aspiring and operational ATCOs from various countries are trained at the academys modern facilities in Malmoe, Sweden. Specialised courses within Human Factors and Safety areas are also offered to a diverse range of ATM personnel. These courses develop the individuals non-technical skills such as decision-making and interpersonal communication. In addition, the academy provides a broad range of r ATM related training and consultancy services. Our customers are both regional and international public and private ANSPs, airports, airlines as well military clients. The Entry Point North academy has delivered its services throughout Europe, Middle East and the Far East.

Entry Point North is a recognised international academy with more than 70 employees and consultants originating from over 8 countries. We have more than 180 state-of-the-art simulator positions and high resolution 3D image tower simulators: two 360 and eleven 180. In addition, the academy has a CBT facility with 40 positions to assist and reinforce students learning throughout the courses.

About HungaroControl

HungaroControl, Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte. Ltd. Co., is a state owned company operating a state-of-the-art air traffic control centre in Budapest. Air traffic in Hungary has grown by 40 per cent in the past 10 years and HungaroControls air traffic controllers handle around 600 thousand flights a year. HungaroControl therefore launched several development initiatives in recent years with the aim to ensure the safe and efficient handling of continuously increasing air traffic, and promote the on-going European ATM integration in the spirit of the Single European Sky program.
In addition to enhancing its air traffic control services, one of HungaroControls objectives is to promote regional cooperation e.g. in air navigation training and R&D, in cooperation with its partners.

The establishment of Entry Point Central is based on the increasing demand for high quality and cost efficient training in support of air navigation, generated partly by European integration and the creation of functional airspace blocks. HungaroControls aim with the creation of the training center is to enable FAB CE, formed by seven Central European countries, to become one of the most renowned functional airspace blocks providing efficient services in Europe and operating at the highest technical technological level.

For more information, please contact Business Development Manager Peter Kantner, at +46 734 054 357 or at .
Partner Award
Peter Kantner
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