IACIT to showcase exclusive air traffic management solutions at the 2022 World ATM Congress

- Madrid, Spain

IACIT will be in Madrid between 21 and 23 June taking part in the World ATM Congress, the world's largest international air traffic management exhibition and conference.

Focusing on safe and efficient air traffic flows, IACIT develops solutions applied to communications, navigation and surveillance/air traffic management (CNS/ATM). IACIT’s unique technologies are designed to address current and predicted future challenges.

IACIT products and services are currently used by government agencies, most notably Brazil's armed forces. The company’s goal is to internationalize its technologies, which can be used by countries all over the world.

IACIT is one of the country's biggest defense companies. We develop state-of-the-art technological solutions, offer high quality services and products, and we are currently breaking into the global market”, says Gustavo Hissi, IACIT’s Marketing and Sales Director.

The company will showcase its product portfolio at stand 361.

DME 0200 - Distance Measuring Equipment/navigation aid

Featuring 100% Brazilian technology, the DME 0200 is used by the Brazilian Air Force to aid air navigation. The system enables aircraft to determine their position and offers an alternative to GPS navigation. Modular, compact, digital, and easy to use, the DME 0200 is available in both dual transponder/dual monitor and single transponder/single monitor configurations. The system meets all relevant International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards.

DRONEBlocker 0100|0200

Remote control drones are a threat to security forces around the world. To combat this type of threat, IACIT created the DRONEBlocker, which is capable of blocking remote-controlled drones/RPAS over long distances. The system allows the integration of multiple sensors and is portable, meaning it can be used for special missions or major events. The DRONEBlocker is designed for both for military and civil applications.

GBAS 0100 ground-based augmentation system/safe landing aid

The GBAS 0100 enhances the performance and safety of approach operations, avoiding critical landing situations. It provides differential corrections, integrity monitoring of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and navigation and precision approach procedures in the vicinity of the airport, and yields high accuracy, availability, and integrity necessary for Category I.

The GBAS 0100 allows in-field software updates and new technology upgrades. The GBAS 0100-L is equipped with multi-constellation and multi-frequency ionospheric stations. Both meet the relevant ICAO and EUROCAE ED-114B standards.

RMT 0200 solid-state s-band dual-polarization Doppler meteorological radar/forecasting severe weather events

Featuring dual polarization and solid-state amplifier technology, the RMT 0200 Radar is designed for long-range weather forecasting. Produced with state-of-the-art technology, the RMT 0200 is made up of various subsystems with specific functions, including transmission, reception, processing, monitoring, operation, and control. It can be used in a wide range of areas, including air traffic control, civil defense, agriculture, water resource management, and research and development.

IACIT to talk about the DME system during WATM 2022

On 22 June, IACIT’s Director of Engineering, Research, Development and Innovation, Fernanda Menezes, will give a talk about “Usability and benefits of DME/DME navigation in conflict scenarios” (usability and benefits of DME/DME navigation as a GNSS navigation backup).

According to the ICAO, the number of air passengers worldwide was 2.3 billion in 2021. Passenger safety increasingly depends on the technologies that sustain ground and air operations, emphasizing the responsibility of industries that contribute to advances in CNS/ATM systems.

Recent geopolitical conflicts also bring to light the risk satellite constellation-dependent operations pose to country autonomy and sovereignty.

Against this backdrop, DME systems have shown themselves to be an excellent technological solution for individual countries. IACIT’s portfolio includes the DME 0200, which meets international requirements and standards and is used by the Brazilian Air Force for DME/DME navigation in the country’s airspace.

Find out more about the DME 0200 and other IACIT products at WATM 2022. Click on https://www.iacit.com.br/produtos/cnsatn/dme-0200


Tania Campelo


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