INDRA Renews India's Radar Surveillance Network

- Madrid, Spain

Indra has completed the deployment and commissioning of the secondary monopulse radar network with modeS technology in India, which will be used to support the country's air traffic management system.

The secondary radar systems with Indra's modeS technology have been commissioned, which cover 80% of the country's air space
India's Airport Authority (AAI) has accepted the nine secondary radar systems with modeS technology supplied and installed by the company, which are already in operation. The radar stations are located in Chennai, Bellary, Vizag, Porbandar, Bhopal, Udaipur, Jharsuguda, Calcutta and Katihar.

The surveillance area covered by these systems corresponds to 80% of India's air space, i.e., a very high percentage. Such a coverage increases the security and air traffic management capacity, reducing costs.

Indra is backed by India's Airport Authority in the modernisation of its infrastructures with state-of-the-art technology
With such an improvement, India's Airport Authority has reached an important milestone with the modernisation of its air traffic management infrastructures. The technology supplied by Indra is helping the AAI become a reference in the region, in terms of efficacy and air safety.

On the other hand, the company is completing the implementation of its automated air traffic management system in 38 of the country's airports. These systems have successfully passed the tests carried out by the AAI.

The company is implementing its automated air traffic management systems in 38 airports and Calcutta's Control Centre
Indra is also progressing at a steady pace in the implementation of its automation system in Calcutta's Control Centre. This centre will be one of the main centres in the country and will have 80 air controller positions.

Finally, Indra is developing the simulators that will be used to train controllers. These systems will be implemented in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Calcutta. Each system will have approximately 40 positions.


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