AENA awards a joint venture led by Prointec (Indra) a contract for the project and site management of airports in the Eastern region, worth 25 Million Euros

- Madrid, Spain.

Prointec, Indra’s civil engineering subsidiary, in a consortium with Aertec and Airia, has been awarded a contract with Aena worth 25 million euros to provide the project and site management services required to materialize the investments of the new DORA II plan for the Eastern region. Aena is pushing ahead with this at the airports in the area with the aims of expanding their capacity and improving the quality and efficiency of the service they provide, thus driving the recovery of traffic, environmental sustainability and innovation.

In total, it is expected to manage and supervise the work in over a hundred projects, with an investment of close to 600 million euros in the coming years, for which a team of more than 100 people will be deployed at the Huesca-Pirineos, Girona-Costa Brava, Sabadell, Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat, Reus, Zaragoza, Valencia, Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernández, Albacete Airports and the Region of Murcia International Airport. The service also includes the site management and the control and surveillance of the airports’ actions to undertake their most direct investments.

Prointec will implement proven management methodologies for the execution of major airport projects, in keeping with the best international practices, mainly those of the Project Management Institute, for the management of the scope, deadlines, resources, quality, costs, communication, risks, provisioning, etc., as well as the relationships with all the stakeholders and other areas. These methodologies must ensure that the DORA II investments are implemented as envisaged in the plan.

One fundamental part of the work will be the implementation of a BIM methodology for drawing up projects, which, in the construction, operation and maintenance phases, will allow the incorporation of the relevant consolidated information into the models, providing Aena with an excellent tool that will prove very useful for the operation of the current and future infrastructures.

“Thanks to Indra’s experience, in addition to addressing the issues related to civil and airport engineering, the Prointec team will bring to the project its knowledge of the more technological aspects of operations management involving passengers, aircraft, operators, handling and air traffic management (ATM) services, which must also be taken into account in any current-day airport project”, highlighted Marisol Martín-Cleto, director of Prointec.

For example, the DORA II plan envisages investments aimed at incorporating 5G technology, digitizing check-in, security and boarding processes, sensorizing facilities, applying big data techniques to improve decision-making, using drones compatibly and improving sustainability and energy efficiency, areas in which the knowledge and experience provided by Prointec through Indra will prove key.

Thus, the contract for the airports in the Eastern region constitutes a significant milestone that will reinforce Prointec’s position in high-value civil and airport engineering services geared towards optimizing and improving procedures and complying with the scope, deadlines and budget constraints defined by the investments.

Prointec has already implemented these kinds of services with Aena for the Canary Islands region, where one of the fundamental projects undertaken has been the functional study of the new terminal at Tenerife South airport, the construction of which is planned for the Dora III period. It has also developed similar services at other major international projects, such as the new Algiers international terminal commissioned in 2019.

Leadership throughout the value chain

Thanks to this new Prointec contract, Indra will reinforce its position as one of the leading companies in the airport sector around the world. Indra is one of the main leaders of the digitization of airports in the world, and its cutting-edge technology is improving the management of large international airports through which millions of passengers pass each year. With respect to air operations, Indra is also one of the leading suppliers of air traffic management systems in the world, having deployed more than 5,900 installations in over 180 countries.

Through Prointec, its subsidiary specializing in engineering, architecture and infrastructure consulting, urban planning, sustainability and the environment, and a leader at home and abroad in areas such as airports, railways, buildings, roads, urban engineering and water, Indra contributes to the digitization of construction and its construction methods, as well as the development of new technological solutions with a view to optimizing the conservation and maintenance costs of infrastructures and improving their safety and protection.

Prointec ( seeks to make infrastructures safer, more efficient and sustainable with the least environmental impact, for which it constantly strives to improve their design with new materials and technologies and to adapt to the new environmental protection parameters.

The services offered by Prointec are part of Mova Consulting, one of the lines of solutions of Indra Mova Solutions, Indra’s Mobility Division which covers the entire life cycle of its customers’ projects and combines the new digital capabilities for integration, specialization and innovation demanded by the market with Indra’s reliability, knowledge of the business, proprietary transportation technology and the unique experience of its professional teams.

Furthermore, Indra has unique experience in the field of transportation, with more than 2,500 projects undertaken in over 100 cities and 50 countries


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