JEPPESEN Flitedeck Pro EFB solution for Apple IPAD now available for airlines and other large operators

Jeppesen, a unit of Boeing Flight Services, now offers operators its industry-leading FliteDeck Pro Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution for the iPad.
Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro helps streamline the use of navigational information for airlines, fractional business jet operators and military fleet programs. Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro also enables significant weight savings and reduced fuel burn through regulatory authorization to remove paper content from the operation and improved safety through increased situational awareness.

Flight information, including worldwide navigation charts is delivered to Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro through the Jeppesen Distribution Manager Pro (JDM Pro) solution for the enterprise. This scalable global management solution distributes encrypted and virus-free operational data and documents efficiently across a Web-based system, ensuring timely and accurate delivery of current navigational and operational information to pilots and other users throughout the secure network. The solution also provides for grouping of devices, configuration reporting, and supports the needs of operators for regulatory audits. In addition, JDM Pro is designed to work in concert with Mobile Device Management (MDM) systems for end-to-end control of EFB content and devices.

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro now allows commercial, fractional business and military aviation operators to complete small and large-scale deployments on the popular iPad platform. Combined with Jeppesens support for Boeing and Airbus installed EFB systems, Jeppesen customers can choose from a full range of portable, secured, and installed EFB configurations, all centrally managed by JDM Pro. General aviation pilots and smaller business aviation operators will continue to use the standard Jeppesen FliteDeck solutions, which continue rapid adoption worldwide.

Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro for iPad ensures the right information is delivered at the right time and used in powerful ways, according to the preferences of our customers who run complex operations, said Tim Huegel, director, Jeppesen Aviation Portfolio Management. Airlines and other fleet-managed operators now have even more choice when determining what EFB platform(s) works best for their unique operational needs. From iPad to fully installed systems, we offer multiple options for pilot-wide and fleet-wide deployments of EFB.

In addition to highly compressed and crystal clear vector-based Jeppesen terminal charts, FliteDeck Pro includes data-driven enroute content, which is dynamically rendered and de-cluttered for the pilots current needs. Information for all enroute charted features is available with the tap of a finger, including communication information, operational notes, and current weather conditions and runway details for destination or alternate airports. Jeppesen airway manual documents are included and company documents can be inserted, enabling even more paper removal for operators while increasing content usability.

Full Jeppesen content is resident on the device, which eliminates the need for online connectivity while in the air. With highly-optimized vector charts (terminal) and object based data-driven (enroute)information, Jeppesens EFB databases are magnitudes smaller than content for equivalent coverages from other providers. Additionally, database updates are intelligent, involving changes only content replacement, drastically reducing database update times. Further, if a data download is interrupted, the download will restart from where it left off, ensuring no time is wasted during the update process. This process helps support the business case for adoption of Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro by ensuring database updates can be completed quickly and efficiently, significantly reducing data connection fees.
Jeppesen 16.08.12  FliteDeck Pro iOS 2 (2)Jeppesen FliteDeck Pro iOS 2


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