New Contracts for ERA in Beijing, Thailand, New Zealand and Budapest

ERA announces 4 new contracts at ATC Global
Aeronautical Radio of Thailand (Aerothai), Thailands Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP), has selected Era to provide a nationwide ADS-B surveillance network. The network will consist of MSS ground stations placed across the entire country and will provide comprehensive next-generation surveillance coverage throughout Thailand and much of the surrounding territory. Aerothai provides air traffic control and aeronautical services for the entire Thai airspace. During the last several years, Aeorthai has seen tremendous growth in its airspace use and as a result, has begun investing to modernize its surveillance infrastructure. ADS-B, or Automatic Dependent Surveillance Broadcast, is a critical component of future air traffic management systems. Aircraft with ADS-B avionics constantly and automatically transmit information such as speed, altitude, identification and direction of flight to other ADS-B equipped aircraft, as well as to air traffic control by way of ground stations, such as MSS by Era. The APAC region is one of the fastest growing aviation markets in the world, said Axel Bensch, Eras Director of Air Traffic Management Solutions in the Asia Pacific region. We applaud Aerothai for their foresight into next-generation surveillance to create a nationwide infrastructure that will support the flight tracking of todays and tomorrows aircraft. Thailand is an extremely important project for Era and we are thrilled to be working with Aerothai to enhance the nationwide surveillance infrastructure in Thailand, said Russell Hulstrom, Eras Vice President and General Manager, Air Traffic Management Solutions. ANSPs around the world are looking to Era to bring them into the next-generation of surveillance, as no other system is better qualified to meet the demands of future growth than our MSS system. MSS by Era is unique in that it can be coupled with Eras industry leading multilateration technology to make next-generation surveillance available today. Other recent selections for MSS include Singapore, Hamburg, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Munich.
Era Corporation achieved site acceptance with the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) for its ADS-B and multilateration surveillance system at the Beijing Capital International Airport in advance of the 2008 Summer Olympics as planned. Eras MSS system has been installed at the airport to support the extreme increase in movements that are expected for the games, while simultaneously enhancing safety. Beijing Capital has consistently ranked as one of the worlds fastest growing airports, taking the top spot in 2005, with a staggering 17.5% upswing in passenger traffic. The dramatic growth, coupled with the upcoming Olympics created an urgent need to invest in the airports many infrastructures. With the successful completion of the site accepting testing, Eras ADS-B and multilateration surveillance system has proven it meets our high standards for precision and accuracy, said Mr. Zeng Sihong, Director of Beijing Airspace and Terminal Reconstruction Office. The completion of the system is an important milestone in our deployment of a world-class system that will advance the safety and capacity of operations at Beijing prior to this summers Olympic games. Eras ADS-B and multilateration system provides higher accuracy, greater update rates, better coverage and improved reliability when compared to traditional radar and does so at a much lower initial cost and with lower annual maintenance costs. The CAAC placed a great deal of confidence in Era and their ability to deliver the highest quality surveillance solution in a timely and efficient manner and we are extremely pleased that we were able to deliver successfully and meet their rigorous standards, said Russell Hulstrom, Eras Vice President and General Manager for the Air Traffic Management business unit.
Airways New Zealand (ANZ) has selected Era Corporation to provide two multilateration and ADS-B surveillance systems for New Zealand. The first will be a wide area solution for the Queenstown International Airport, which will cover the surrounding terminal airspace, and the second will be a surface solution for the Auckland International Airport. Queenstown International Airport serves over 1 million passengers per year and is located in the fast growing tourist resort area of New Zealands South Island. Due to the extremely mountainous terrain surrounding the airport, in and outbound IFR flights have extremely limited flight paths in all weather conditions. The accuracy and reliability of Eras solution will enhance the safety and efficiency of services by ensuring compliance with flight procedures and the positions of other flights about the airport. Traditional secondary radar was an impractical solution for Queenstown surveillance, said Andrew Griffith, Airways New Zealands Group Manager for Technology and Support. Era has a proven track record in deploying surveillance solutions in similar regions and offered us a solution unsurpassed in performance and quality. Auckland International Airport is the largest and busiest international airport in New Zealand. It serves over 12 million passengers each year, and is predicted to more than double by 2025. Eras solutions will utilize its industry-renowned MSS sensors, which will be strategically placed around Queenstown and Auckland International Airports to provide optimal surveillance coverage. MSS by Era is a completely modular system, easily adaptable to any wide area or surface requirement and is virtually impervious to all environmental challenges. The solution for Auckland International Airport will also include Eras widely popular Squid vehicle tracking units. Eras multilateration provides higher accuracy, greater update rates, better coverage and improved reliability when compared to conventional radar. We are delighted that such a highly respected ANSP, such as Airways New Zealand, has selected Era to deploy next generation surveillance solutions, said Axel Bensch, Director of Eras Asia-Pacific ATM unit. The repeated selections of Era by the worlds leading ANSPs, especially in the fast-growing APAC region, prove the success of Era at providing optimal solutions to airports with diverse challenges and unique requirements.
Era Corporation successfully installed its MSS system for surface surveillance at the Budapest Ferihegy International Airport and achieved site acceptance with Hungarocontrol. The solution uses strategically placed sensors to provide extended coverage of runways, taxiways and aprons, improved automation of aircraft identification and enhanced surveillance in all weather conditions. The Budapest Ferihegy International Airport, one of the fastest growing airports in Central and Eastern Europe, has been the subject of many infrastructure upgrades to prepare for further growth and demand. A comprehensive surface surveillance solution was needed to ensure optimal safety and efficiency during all ground movements. The installation in Budapest went flawlessly and the Hungarocontrol site acceptance testing was successful in all areas, said Russell Hulstrom, Eras Vice President and General Manager for the Air Traffic Management business unit. Our track record of on-plan deployments is a product of rigorous program management and working closely with our customers and partners to achieve success as a team. Era systems are the most widely selected and operationally proven ADS-B and multilateration systems in the industry. Era has been chosen in the vast majority of competitive procurements worldwide and has deployed systems in over 35 countries, including the worlds first surface and wide area multilateration systems.


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