Next-Generation IP-based Air Traffic Network Solution in Brazil being Implemented by FREQUENTIS

- Vienna, Austria
Frequentis delivers a next-generation Air Traffic Network (ATN) to Brazil. The network solution provides transparent access to three different backbone technologies such as IP-based, TDM-based, and satellite-based backbones as well as bandwidth management capabilities. The highlights of the solution are dynamic delay compensation for any combination of network technologies, bandwidth optimisation and dynamic routing based on priorities and bandwidth availability.
After a competitive tender, Frequentis was awarded a trial project. With the successful implementation of the proof of concept, Frequentis has been contracted by the Brazilian Airspace Control System Implementation Commission (CISCEA) to provide a next-generation Air Traffic Network (ATN) for the Area Control Centre CINDACTA III, located in Recife. The Centre is responsible for an airspace of about 13.5 million square kilometres – about the size of the European continent. Twenty-three remote radio sites with about 1,280 ED-137B-compliant Park Air radios in Main/Standby configuration, telephone and data subscribers are integrated with the Area Control Centre via the next-generation  Air Traffic Network (ATN). Local subcontractor ATC Systems will provide infrastructure work, installation, training and technical support.
The network solution is based on the well-established VCX-IP product portfolio that provides transparent access to different backbone technologies and bandwidth management capabilities. In addition to full EUROCAE WG67 compliance, the VCX-IP provides dynamic delay compensation for any combination of backbone networks available in the region, such as IP, TDM, and satellite links. Bandwidth management includes voice compression, advanced bandwidth optimisations on a per-site basis as well as dynamic routing capabilities. Routing decisions do not only take priorities into account, but also the currently available bandwidth on the backbone links. This procedure enables a cost-efficient routing decision while guaranteeing high-priority access to all network-enabled resources.
'We are very pleased with the product quality and the services we receive from Frequentis and that we can rely on their teamwork for implementing the next-generation Air Traffic Network (ATN)' said Major Brigadier Carlos Vuyk de Aquino, president of CISCEA.

'Frequentis is delighted to partner with CISCEA on the implementation of the Next-Generation Air Traffic Network in Brazil', emphasizes Hannes Bardach, CEO Frequentis.


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