OneSKY milestones reached

- Paris, France.

Thales welcomes the announcement by Airservices Australia today that two key milestones in the delivery of the world-leading OneSKY program have been reached.

Thales is proud to have worked with Airservices Australia, the Australian Defence Force and our industrial partner Frequentis to successfully introduce the new Civil Military ATM (CMATS) voice communication system at the Sydney, Melbourne and Perth ATM facilities.

Thales Australia CEO Chris Jenkins said that this represents a major delivery milestone for this historic program to deliver the world’s most advanced and integrated civil and military air traffic management system.

Thales and Airservices have also reached another key milestone with the finalisation of the system definition review for the integration of Australia’s civil and military air traffic control systems.

“We have brought together the best team and the best expertise in the world to deliver OneSKY, and this includes a substantial amount of new talent, creating the next generation of STEM careers and intellectual sovereign capability.

“Following a $12 million refurbishment Thales also recently reopened our state of the art systems engineering facility to develop the highly secure digital systems at the heart of OneSKY and continuing to create the ATM systems of the future.

“This is a large, complex and nationally significant project that requires the highest levels of technical excellence. With the completion of the system definition review we will move into the detailed design phase.”

OneSKY will use the latest cutting-edge technology to improve flight co-ordination, safely increase the use of airspace, optimise air traffic flow and improve the way planes approach the runway.

OneSKY will manage all civilian and military air movements across 11% of the earth’s airspace, covering the vast continent of Australia and extending west into the Indian Ocean and east to New Zealand.

Key Points

  • In February Thales and Airservices Australia signed the contract to deliver the world-leading $1.2 billion OneSKY system. 
  • Air travel in Australia will be safer and faster under the OneSKY Air Traffic Management system 
  • OneSKY supports 650 high skilled jobs in Australia including 450 with Thales in Melbourne and 200 in our Australian supply chain 
  • OneSKY will manage all civilian and military air movements across 11% of the earth’s airspace


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