Saab Sensis Enhances CDM Platform at JFK for More Efficient Departure Metering and Surface Operations

Saab Sensis has recently added several key features to its Aerobahn airport surface management system deployed at John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK). The enhancements to the U.S. first operational Collaborative Decision Making (CDM) environment include flight specific call for taxi times to further improve sequencing and reduce fuel burn and environmental emissions. The Aerobahn platform will also add ATC voice tracking across 20 discrete frequencies to enable users to hear ATC instructions while viewing surface operations for even greater perspective on real-time operations.
Aerobahn is also now operational at LaGuardia Airport, resulting in Aerobahn service to the Port Authority for all three of the major airports within the New York Metroplex (JFK, Newark Liberty and LaGuardia) and even greater opportunity for interactive management of Metroplex-wide ground operations.

In addition to the Departure Metering enhancements, Saab Sensis has recently added a Delay Summary Tool and Request Response Manager to Aerobahn at JFK. The Delay Summary Tool provides historic and projected delay information, focusing on what the airport may look like two hours in the future. The Request Response Manager provides a refined real-time communications platform for the airlines, terminal operators and Metering Center to collaborate during peak times.

The New York Metroplex is a highly sophisticated and interrelated system that requires close coordination between the airport operator, airlines and FAA to ensure efficient ground operations at all three major airports, said Ken Kaminski, senior vice president of Saab Sensis. Since April, Aerobahn has provided the common platform and tools that enable all three stakeholders to proactively manage ground operations for reduced taxi times, greater fuel savings and less environmental emissions. These enhancements provide the JFK community with even greater insight, control and management of their industry-leading ground management program.

The Aerobahn platform is enhanced with Saab Sensis proprietary Departure Management System that applies ration-by-schedule logic and proprietary departure sequencing algorithms to reduce fuel burn and maximize airport efficiency. Saab Sensis is managing the airports Departure Metering Coordination Center through its partner, Robinson Aviation (RVA), Inc.

Aerobahn combines airside operational information, such as flight schedules, planned arrival and departure gates and passenger/bag connection information, with precise aircraft surveillance and identification for a real-time, comprehensive view of surface operations. Authorized users can access Aerobahn through an internet connection and PC.

Aerobahn also has a number of customizable tools that enable responsive management of surface operations, including departure/arrival queues, runway use status, and traffic flow monitoringresulting in less emissions and improved operational performance. All events are recorded for future playback to identify trends and develop new procedures to mitigate delays or similar events in the future. Aerobahn also provides users with the ability to create reports based on numerous variables for detailed analysis of operations.

Aerobahn is the most widely deployed airport surface management system in the industry, being used by airlines, airport operators and air navigation service providers across the globe.
Rob Conrad
Saab Sensis


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