SELEX Sistemi Integrati at ATC Global 2011

SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica Company active in the sectors of electronic systems for air defence, naval applications, air traffic management and airport systems, is exhibiting at the 2011 edition of ATC Global taking place in Amsterdam from 8th to 10th March 2011.
The mastery of technologies and critical capabilities in the domain of Large Systems enable the company to offer global solutions for Air Traffic Management Systems, including turn key airport systems. From meteorological systems to ATC sensors, from ground stations to airspace traffic management, the company offers a total capability portfolio, proposing itself as an ideal technological partner for turn-key infrastructures, taking on the responsibility for designing, producing, installing and setting up the operational configuration. The steady commitment of SELEX Sistemi Integrati in the international field to define new standards for air traffic management systems, is confirmed by its presence in the main international programmes such as SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) and Co-Flight (programme among Italy, France and Switzerland).

The subsidiary companies SELEX Systems Integration Ltd (ATM systems and consultancy services), SELEX Systems Integration Inc. (navigation aids) and SELEX Systems Integration GmbH (weather surveillance) further enforce the capability of the company to provide global solutions in the ATM and airport domains.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati is into stand H400A in Hall H, with demonstrators of the Qatar NDIA and Turkey airport systems under delivery by the company, an airport operations suite (AOS), the DME and RCSU units from the American subsidiary SELEX Systems Integration and ShearScout 3D, an all weather 3D wind shear detection system by the German subsidiary SELEX Systems Integration GmbH.

In a dedicated room at Elicium Tower, suite D301, SELEX Sistemi Integrati is also showing a demonstrator integrating the Coflight European Flight Data Processor (eFDP), in a System Wide Information Management (SWIM) environment.

Products on display

Qatar and Turkey: Seamless ATM demonstration systems
The demonstrator platform reproduces, on a reduced scale, the actual SELEX Sistemi Integrati systems under delivery to Qatar NDIA and Turkey SMART programmes. In 2008 the company won a contract in Qatar for the design and supply of systems for air and ground traffic control. The futuristic airport, which will be completed within 2015, will be able to host about 50 million passengers per year, 320.000 take off and landings per year and a plane parking for 100 aircrafts, included six Airbus A380 at the same time.

In Turkey the Finmeccanica company signed a contract under the SMART (Systematic Modernization of ATM Resources in Turkey) tender in 2006, which included the supply of a national system based in Ankara, able to manage all Turkish airspace, and six approach traffic control centres that are under installation in Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Dalaman, Ercan and Bodrum airports.

The Seamless ATM demonstrator shows the capability of SELEX Sistemi Integratis systems to enable the operational management of the entire lifecycle of flights, from their departure to their destination, reflecting the real air traffic controllers workflow.
Equipped with the most advanced functionalities, the demonstrator integrates a wide range of products and tools to comply with heterogeneous operational requirements and air traffic management environments, ranging from large, nation-wide, en route area control centres to small approach control units.
It provides heterogeneous surveillance data integration, accurate trajectory prediction, advanced ATC tools, air-ground data exchange, a two-way interoperability for civil and military missions, advanced operational display.

The demonstrator is completed with state-of-the-art solutions for man-machine interaction, such as a touch-screen multi-bay, designed to accommodate any kind of operational procedure and controller needs, allowing to perform delivery, ground and tower controller tasks through an intuitive electronic flight strip system.

Airport operations suite (AOS)

The airport operations suite is an innovative platform designed to facilitate the mission-oriented needs of the stakeholders operating on the airport Land-Side. Fully integrated with SELEX Sistemi Integratis Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS), AOS aims to optimize the overall airport landside process (catering, re-fuelling, baggage handling, de-icing, passenger disembarking and boarding), enabling the Gate-to-Gate concept application.

The tight integration with A-SMGCS and the high configurability make AOS the ideal platform to support the interoperability among different actors: air traffic service providers, airport operators, airport handlers and airline operators.

A dedicated demonstrator will integrate the Coflight European Flight Data Processor (eFDP), jointly developed by SELEX Sistemi Integrati and THALES, in a System Wide Information Management (SWIM) environment. Flight plan data and surveillance data generated in an ATC centre are made available through a SWIM network to an eCWP located in a remote tower and to a generic remote client aiming to illustrate the possibilities enabled by SWIM and the SELEX Sistemi Integrati SWIM-Box.

SWIM-Box enables information sharing between heterogeneous and distributed ATC applications. SWIM-Box represents the entry point and gateway towards the pooling of information provided by SWIM, opening up a range of new opportunities by enabling seamless communication among diverse applications through standardized interfaces (ED-133 Flight Objects, ASTERIX surveillance data) with the SWIM world.

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)
The latest DME system made by SELEX Systems Integration Inc. is based upon 20 years of DME experience with more than 800 systems purchased worldwide. The product of a two-year development effort, this DME is available in both low and high-power configurations, and is designated as Model 1118A and 1119A, respectively. As the most advanced DME on the market, the Model 1118A/1119A is providing world-wide field-proven, high-reliability performance.

Remote Control and Status Unit (RCSU)
The RCSU represents the newest generation of the SELEX Systems Integration Remote Control and Status Unit. Based on earlier systems, the 2238 RCSU expands the capabilities to include multiple runway approaches and other navigational aids beyond SELEX Systems Integration Inc. equipment. The user interface is enhanced by a LCD touch screen, Remote Status Display Unit (RSDU), located in the air traffic control tower that graphically shows the airport layout with colored icons displaying all connected navigational aids. From the single interface, the controllers can change the approach end of each runway and get alarm and maintenance information. In addition to the visual indications, an audible alarm indicates equipment status has changed or service is needed.

ShearScout 3D
ShearScout is SELEX Systems Integration GmbH turn-key system which detects, locates and quantifies the strength of low altitude wind shear, cross winds or downdraft events occurring along the runway and 10-12 km ahead of the touchdown area. The combined sensor setup represents the company ShearScout 3D solution cluster enabling the ability to acquire 3D atmospheric data in a synchronized way, gapless (all level, all weather), rapidly and continuously. Furthermore, ShearScout 3D incorporates meteorological situation displays in order to display processed runway and glide path oriented graphical and text based alerts on significant wind hazards on touch screen monitors. A data link between ShearScout 3D and the corresponding air navigation service provider (Deutsche Flugsicherung - DFS) is also foreseen.

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