SELEX Sistemi Integrati at ATC Global 2012

SELEX Sistemi Integrati, a Finmeccanica company active in the sectors of electronic systems for air defence, naval applications, air traffic management and airport systems, is exhibiting at the 2012 edition of ATC Global taking place in Amsterdam from 6th to 8th March.
The mastery of technologies and critical capabilities enables the company to offer global solutions for Air Traffic Management. From meteorological to surveillance sensors, from ground to en route ATM systems, the company offers a total capability portfolio, proposing itself as an ideal technological partner for turn-key infrastructures, taking on the responsibility for designing, producing, installing and setting up the operational configuration. The firm commitment of SELEX Sistemi Integrati in the international field to define new standards for air traffic management systems, is confirmed by its presence in the main international programmes such as SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) and Coflight (programme among Italy, France and Switzerland). The subsidiary companies SELEX Systems Integration Ltd (ATM systems and consultancy services), SELEX Systems Integration Inc. (navigation aids) and SELEX Systems Integration GmbH (weather surveillance) further enforce the capability of the company to provide global solutions in the ATM and airport domains.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati, located in stand H400A in Hall H, is displaying platforms of its Integrated Surface-En Route ATM System, which simulates those in operation in Bulgaria, Malaysia, Qatar, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine, AOS Airport Operational Suite, D-ATIS, the ROMATSA Controller Working Position, MARA DDS80, an historical calligraphic display.
In a dedicated room at Elicium Tower, suite D301, SELEX Sistemi Integrati is also showing an early release of a Coflight-based experimental platform aimed at the evaluation of the benefits deriving from the introduction of new generation ATC tools in the operational environment.
SELEX Sistemi Integrati is also attending the SESAR technical workshops, scheduled for 7th March within the Exhibition centre, by providing presentations within the Integrated controller working position and Airport operations sessions.
The demonstrator platform reproduces, on a reduced scale, the actual SELEX Sistemi Integrati solution for Ground and En Route ATM recently delivered worldwide (Bulgaria, Malaysia, Qatar, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine). Among these programmes, in 2009 the Company won a contract in Ukraine for the design and supply of systems for air traffic control. The air system has been in operation since February 2012 and is going to support the expected traffic growth during the European Football Championship.

Equipped with the most advanced functionality, the demonstrator integrates a wide range of products and tools to comply with heterogeneous operational requirements and air traffic management environments, ranging from large, nation-wide, en route area control centres to small approach control units.
The demonstrator is completed with state-of-the-art solutions for man-machine interaction. Furthermore, the demonstrator interoperates with a remote client representing a generic ATM stakeholder  interconnected through the SELEX Sistemi Integrati SWIM BOX .

SWIM BOX is SELEX Sistemi Integratis solution for System Wide Information Management (SWIM) enabling the sharing of information between heterogeneous applications. It represents the entry point and gateway towards the pooling of information provided by SWIM and large distributed systems, enabling seamless communication among diverse ATM applications through standardized interfaces with the SWIM world. SWIM-BOX TM is designed with the open and modular architecture for a never ending alignment with changing standards.

AOS is an innovative platform designed to facilitate the mission-oriented needs of the Stakeholders operating on the Airport Land-Side. AOS purpose is to optimize resources allocation (e.g. catering, re-fuelling, baggage handling, de-icing, passenger disembarking and boarding), in order to minimize Turn Round Time (TRT) for aircraft. Its tight integration with A-SMGCS and its high configurability make AOS the ideal platform to support the interoperability among different airport operators.

The D-ATIS system provides dissemination of significant operational and meteorological data. Its configurable, through an user friendly interface, to meet different airport sizes (from regional to major international airports) and it can operate in fully/partially automated or manual mode.
D-ATIS open architecture allows easy upgrading, starting from a single channel system to a multi-channel ATIS system with separate broadcasting channels, for airport with several runways.
D-ATIS complies with ICAO and WMO recommendations.

Since the early nineties ROMATSA (the Romanian Air Traffic Service Administration) has made use of SELEX Sistemi Integratis ATM products. In the course of this twenty-year collaboration, the synergic interaction between the two companies has allowed the achievement of a superb technical level and the capability to specifically customize ATM products. The last result of this long life partnership, is represented by the CWP presented at SELEX Sistemi Integratis stand. It represents an intermediate step of further developments currently in progress. This CWP is remotely connected on-line to ROMATSA Test Developing System, which is located in Bucharest.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati has been designing and developing ATC technologies over the last fifty years. MARA DDS80 is a calligraphic display of the '60s made with proprietary technology witnessing the  memory of the companys long lasting high technological capabilities.


New Conflict Detection Capabilities On A Coflight-Based Platform (suite D301 COFLIGHT room)
SELEX Sistemi Integrati is currently building a Coflight-based experimental platform to evaluate the benefits deriving from the introduction in the operational environment of the above new-generation tools.
At the 2012 edition of ATC Global, SELEX Sistemi Integrati presents, an early release of this platform in a dedicated demonstrator, with two ATM HMIs (Planner and Executive control) integrating surveillance, Coflight and MTCD data.


SESAR Technical Workshops
SELEX Sistemi Integrati is attending two SESAR technical workshops: the Integrated controller working position with two different presentations and the Airport operations with a single presentation.   

iCWP prototypes, issues and development options will be the subject of a joint presentation with some of the SESAR industries group in which SELEX Sistemi Integrati will describe the involvement and enhancement of the Integrated Controller working position (iCWP) of the company, which is in line with the different steps and releases of the SESAR programme.
Within the Airport Operation technical workshop SELEX Sistemi Integratis UK subsidiary (SELEX Systems Integration) will show a presentation on the integration of the sequences of departures, arrivals and taxiing, and the associated supporting tools.


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