SITA to expand worldwide AIRCOM data network with Rohde & Schwarz VHF transceivers

SITA, the communications provider for airlines, has signed a contract with Rohde & Schwarz to supply 400 VHF transceivers from the R&S Series 4200 family.
SITA plans to use the transceivers to modernize and expand its worldwide AIRCOM data network. This network ensures communications between the flight operations centers on the ground and the aircraft. The VHF transceivers from Rohde & Schwarz allow data communications in accordance with the ACARS and VDL Mode 2 standards, and they connect the aircraft to the data network via radio. The modernized and expanded data network will provide the airlines with better radio coverage and faster data transmission. The R&S XU4200 transceiver from the R&S Series 4200 family of radios is optimized for service providers in the commercial aviation industry as well as for civil air traffic control (ATC). The radios can be used for voice communications between air traffic controllers and pilots as well as for data communications between ground and air. The R&S Series 4200 family is thus ideal not only for ATC but also for flight operations. The R&S Series 4200 features extremely high operational reliability and allows software updates over a TCP/IP connection. The equipment can thus be operated for many years without any staff on site. This is very important since the radio stations are located all over the world, some in highly inaccessible areas. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum. To achieve this, the transceivers are equipped with a precise oscillator that requires no calibration for 15 years. Philip Clinch, SITA Vice President of Aircraft Communications & Messaging, states, "The AIRCOM network is made up of more than 1000 VHF radios that we have deployed since 1984 in 160 countries around the world. Through this network, we offer a communications service that is vital to the on-time performance of the airlines. We selected Rohde & Schwarz as our new radio supplier based the on proven reliability of their equipment. Moreover, Rohde & Schwarz is highly interested in developing the data communications concepts that are necessary in order to enable next-generation air traffic control."


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