Air command and control system by SITTI

- Milan, Italy.

NATO ACCS (Air Command and Control Systems) in Italy are going to be equipped with new M800IP® MULTIFONO® VCS (Voice Communication Systems). This activity is being requested by NATO through the Italian Air Force Command in order to allow the existing ISDN communication network to be replaced by modern IP/VoIP (Voice over IP) interfaces.

Both classified and unclassified communications flow through the VCS equipment provided by SITTI to TELEDIFE, the Italian agency that is in charge of selecting and providing the Air Force with the proper equipment. From the operational rooms of the Italian air defence centres, operators will be able to access all UHF/VHF radios, apply ECCM measures, use HF radio links, establish telephone calls, in both clear and encrypted modes.

The M800IP® system is fully ED 137 compliant. This is a standard developed by EUROCAE for the implementation of Voice Over IP features in the Air Traffic Management and Control areas, by defining the way radio accesses and telephone calls shall be established, maintained, terminated. ED 137 is not specific to civil or military applications, in that it can be used in both environments: it defines a framework that guarantees interoperability between devices from different vendors.

As a consequence of the planned evolution towards IP/VoIP network, ACCS Voice Communication Systems (VCS) are going to be enhanced to include the new VoIP technology without losing any previously accessible feature, so as the grant cross‐border connections among all ACCS sites.

Stringent quality standards are applied according to NATO and National regulations, to ensure that SITTI MULTIFONO® M800IP® systems are fully capable of supporting easy and effective integration and transition to new technologies, at the same time providing military advanced features and full reliability of their systems.




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