Main VOIP VCS at Malpensa

- Milan, Italy.

SITTI is constantly supporting the improvement and enhancement projects of its customers worldwide. Thanks to the excellent relationships that SITTI establishes with its clients, it is straightforward that these latter call on SITTI whenever their systems have to be upgraded, integrated, expanded, improved. This is the case of Milan Malpensa airport, where ENAV (the Italian ANSP) installed a new MULTIFONO® M800IP® Voice Communication System (VCS) in the local tower. The new operative system is fully compliant to the VOIP requirements, according to the latest ED 137 specifications by Eurocae and Eurocontrol.

Because of its intrinsic reliability and modularity, the new system by SITTI has been chosen as the Main system in a duplicated configuration, thus contributing in making the skies over Northern Italy safer and open to the future. The main characteristics of the supplied M800IP® VCS can be summarized as follows:

a. 16 VOIP channels
b. 38 analogue telephone connections
c. Capability of interfacing 24 analogue radio channels in main/stand-by configuration
d. Total reuse of the existing digital recorders through 4 E1 links
e. Interface to the ENET network via 16 QSIG connections
f. Duplicated digital precision GPS clock
g. Redundant maintenance, configuration and supervision system
h. 17 fully equipped CWPs (Controller Working Positions)

The new MULTIFONO® VOIP M800IP® installed in the Malpensa tower operated by ENAV is in the frame of the generalized trend of all ANSPs (Air Navigation Service Providers) moving from analogue and digital to modern VOIP systems, without losing the capability of continuing utilizing their current infrastructure, i.e. by guaranteeing operational continuity in a seamless manner to operators. The objective is to allow these latter to still use the procedures and services they are used to, but at the same time to provide them with up-to-date services and functions that may facilitate their work and increase their situational awareness.


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