SITTI consoles for Croatia

- Milan, Italy.

SITTI is a world primary system supplier and integrator of Operational and Technical solutions for Air Traffic Control for both Civil organisations and Military Air Forces. SITTI is not only known for high technology and reliability of their Voice Communication Systems, but also for the relevant ancillary equipment and Controller Working Position consoles for use in airfield towers and Air Traffic Control Radar and Procedural Centres. 

ATC Controllers are tasked with a heavy and responsible workload. As such, they deserve an ergonomic and easy-to-use environment to access all required communication and control facilities (e.g. Radar and Radios). In line with these requirements, SITTI Workstation Consoles are designed with high consideration for Operator comfort and fatigue related factors, whilst providing efficient and effective access to equipment and services for long term daily use.

Croatia Control, the state-owned company operating in the Republic of Croatia to provide air navigation services (ANS), finalised an order to SITTI for the supply of a number of consoles to be installed at the approach centres (TMA) and airfield towers (TWR) of Zagreb, Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik. Following strict regulations and special requirements from the customer, SITTI customised its consoles to fulfil the customer needs.

The end user is at the core of SITTI interest when it comes to consoles. Design criteria also took into consideration such aspects as choice of materials, seating adjustment, optimisation of viewing angles and conditions, noise isolation and ventilation, touch and feel aspects, as well as the correct positioning of communication elements (keyboards, connector panels, loudspeaker location etc.).

SITTI consoles to be installed at the approach centres (TMA) and airfield towers (TWR) of Zagreb, Pula, Zadar, Split, Dubrovnik for Croatia Control


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