SITTI integrated services in multifunctional positions

- Milan, Italy.

In line with its internal process of modernization and technological development and enhancement, the Italian Air Force (AM) promotes all efforts aimed at streamlining and facilitating the provision of Air Navigation and Air Traffic Control services that result in an improvement of the efficiency and safety of operations.

In particular, Voice Communication Switching systems (VCSs) are required for the management of communications between ground infrastructures and aircrafts. Availability and efficiency of these systems are essential conditions for the effective accomplishment of the tasks assigned to the Air Force. The airfield towers have already been modernized along the past years with MULTIFONO® M800IP® state-of-the-art VCS systems.

Taking into account the technological developments in the Air Traffic Control field, it has been recognized that it is necessary to complete this modernisation process through the acquisition of so-called “multifunctional” features. This means the introduction at each tower Controller Working Position (CWP) of a fully comprehensive mean allowing operators to access the various subsystems used for controlling the air traffic in a unified, simple, ergonomic, standardized way.

The multifunctional MTF800 positions provided by SITTI allow operators to acquire operational awareness at a glance, concentrating all related information sources (even from third party suppliers) in a reduced number of screens, through which the interaction between operator and each subsystem (voice, frequencies, weather, cameras, recorders, flight strips, etc.) is simplified and integrated.

The SITTI MTF800 multifunctional system can be at any time expanded to accomplish new tasks or to adhere to possible new regulations and needs, thus permitting the move of an operator from one position to another (in case of need or maintenance) without any data disruption.

The first sites where MTF800 has been installed are the airbases of Ghedi and Pratica di Mare, while Decimomannu is in progress; another 6 airports will also be equipped with MTF800, with possible extension to further three. The “turnkey” approach followed by SITTI and the extreme flexibility capability of MTF800 have been particularly appreciated by the Air Force, thus improving the response to their challenging operational needs.

MTF800 can be used in both military and civil towers, by putting together and integrating information sources of different kinds, for on-site use as well as for remote tower installations.



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