The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines joins the global FREQUENTIS AIM community

In February 2009, the CAAP (Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines) gave the go ahead for a project that uses the FR-AIS (Frequentis AIM System) technology to modernise its AIM. This is facilitated in its first phase by connecting to the EUROCONTROL European AIS Database (EAD). The CAAP system and CAAP-EAD link are now well-established, with six months of system operation under the belt.
The installation of the Frequentis AIM System (FR-AIS) remote server solution in November 2009 enabled CAAP to take advantage of the superior data quality features and ease of operation. The remote server solution is an excellent step towards an own, fully independent, in-country server (local server) solution. By allowing individual ANSPs to connect to remote AIM data repositories, these can complete their training and establish all operational procedures without having to undertake an infrastructure roll-out at the same time. In this case, CAAP decided to connect on a 24/7 online basis to the EUROCONTROL EAD service and actively exchanges AIM information with the world-wide AIM community. Advanced data validation functionality ensures the highest standards in data quality and assists the CAAP experts in their responsible tasks. CAAP can create and process NOTAM and MET information, author electronic AIPs and digital charts and manage static data. Being fully compatible with AIXM and SWIM, the new CAAP AIM solution forms a solid basis for a future-proof system that is already today prepared for the upcoming technologies like Digital NOTAM (XNotam) and tomorrows SWIM (System-wide Information Management) infrastructure that is being established by EUROCONTROL and the FAA. An EAD safety case developed by EUROCONTROL based on the FR-AIS solution has shown that the overall safety of air traffic could be improved by taking advantage of its data chain automation features in accordance with ADQ (Aeronautical Data and Information Quality) standards, automated data quality checks and traceability. Frequentis is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and is an international supplier of communications and information systems in the fields of air traffic management and public safety & transport. The company is the global market leader in communication systems for air traffic control. Frequentis is also the market leader in the AIM world, thanks to the successful acquisition of Global Weather Dynamics Inc. in March 2010. The project was implemented by the local partner, Integrated Energy Systems & Resources, Incorporated. IESRI spearheaded the project management including the planning, organising and managing of the resources to accomplish the completion of the project goals. IESRI was also tasked to head the civil works and installations of the structures needed for the projects implementation. The main responsibility of IESRI was to maintain the coordination between CAAP and Frequentis; it was a vital role for the projects success.


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