The National Research Council of Canada Approves Ubitech's Innovative AIM Development Project

The National Research Council (NRC) announced that it has approved a proposal by Ubitech to develop an Aeronautical Information Management (AIM) system destined to provide state Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) with innovative technologies for the management of critical Aeronautical Information within the context of SWIM for the realization of the FAA's NextGen and Eurocontrol's Sesar initiatives. This approval secures funding assistance for Ubitech's development activities under the NRC's Innovation and Research Assistance Program (IRAP).
"This decision by the NRC to fund our development highlights our truly innovative approach and ensures that we can follow through on our desire to use new and exciting technologies to change the landscape of Aeronautical Information Management on a global scale," stated Michael Hoodspith, Vice-President Strategy & Operations, "The ideas we presented in our proposal represent a radical departure from the status quo which satisfies both the NRC's mandate of fostering innovation and Ubitech's objective of offering an exclusive technology advantage to our customers." Ubitechs AIM development strategy was borne of the realization that while new standards were being written by ICAO and Eurocontrol for the management of aeronautical information, the majority of ANSPs were having difficulty complying to the current standards for the provision of accurate and timely aeronautical information. The new standards, while inherently good, add a layer of complexity to AIM operations that most ANSPs cannot support. As a result, the AIM products currently available on the market are focused on the minority of states with highly sophisticated operations who can be considered AIM-ready. In contrast, the majority of state ANSPs do not have AIM-ready operations and must first bridge the gap by using an iterative AIM technology adoption strategy in conjunction with an organizational change programme. It is in bridging this gap that Ubitech has identified the opportunity for innovation by implementing the latest AIM technologies and tools in unique ways that the majority of ANSPs, rather than the minority, can operate and maintain. Ubitechs AIM product, named Spatia, is scheduled for first release in Q2 2011 with subsequent iterative releases in Q4 2011 and Q2 2012. This iterative release schedule will allow Ubitechs customers to enhance their AIM operations as Spatia is enhanced during the development process. In the end Ubitechs customers will enjoy the use of a fully compliant AIM system utilizing the latest technologies such as AIXM v.5.1, Digital Notams, eAIP, eTOD, and WXXM, but implemented in a sustainable and maintainable way. Ubitech is currently looking for ANSPs to actively participate in this development project as launch customers. These select customers will benefit from direct involvement in the system requirements development, have access to a wealth of AIM services, and obtain operational Spatia AIM systems for a much smaller investment than conventional system procurements. Interested ANSPs should contact Ubitech as soon as possible.


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