CAA (Civil Aviation Administration) - Hungary

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H-2220 VECSÉS, Lincoln út 1. (Quadrum Office Building) H-1675

Budapest, , Pf. 41



Tel +36 1 273 5526

Fax +36 29 354 224


Association information


The main objective of the Authority is to enhance and maintain a high level of transport safety in accordance with the targets set by the European Union in this field. For the NTA, the transport safety is a strategic area that is influenced and its efficiency is increased through the instruments of transport administration and enforcement on a daily basis.

The vision of the NTA is to establish an integrated transport authority that is quick, efficient and customer-friendly. The laws regulating its activities are clear, transparent, complying with each other as well as with the international regulations.

Our goal is to establish an authority in which the customer can manage or at least launch his/her case through the internet, no matter if it relates to an application for a driver exam or to a certification of a private aircraft ("one-stop-shop" and "two-stop-shop" systems).