AFCAC (African Civil Aviation Commission) - Africa

Visiting address

Leopold Sedar Senghor


Postal address

PO Box: 8898

Aéroport International Léopold Sédar Senghor (Opposite the Mosque at the Airport) - Aéroport International LSS,

Dakar- Yoff , B.P. 8898



Tel +221 33 859 88 00

Fax +221 33 820 70 18

Association information

Vision and Mission Statements


To foster a safe, secure, efficient, cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly civil aviation industry in Africa.


As the specialized agency of the African Union responsible for Civil Aviation matters in Africa, to facilitate cooperation and coordination among African States towards the development of integrated and sustainable Air transport systems; and foster the implementation of ICAO SARPs and the development of harmonized rules and regulations consistent with the best international practices in civil aviation.


•             Good governance and best practices

•             Transparency and accountability

•             Professionalism and Integrity

•             Safe and just culture