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Airservices Australia is Australia’s air navigation service provider. We exist to provide safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally-responsible air navigation and aviation rescue fire fighting services to the aviation industry.

We are a government-owned organisation, formed in July 1995 when the Civil Aviation Authority was split into two separate government bodies: Airservices Australia and the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

We are responsible for Australia’s airspace management, aeronautical information, aviation communications, radio navigation aids, and aviation rescue fire fighting services. Every day of each year, we keep flying around Australia safe. It’s a huge responsibility and one we take very seriously.

Right now, the aviation industry is evolving quickly, and it’s vital that we evolve with it. We must move to take advantage of new technologies to make our services faster, more efficient and more valuable for our customers—airlines and other airspace users.

By 2021, Australia will be providing air traffic control services using the most advanced and integrated air traffic control system in the world—OneSKY.

OneSKY will unite Australian skies under a new, harmonised civil-military air traffic management system, which will give us new levels of operational efficiency, cost efficiency, and safety. At the same time, it will reduce delays for the travelling public and provide opportunities to improve environmental outcomes.

Technology also gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with information they value, in turn helping to make flying an even better experience for their customers. We are focusing our business on customer value by becoming leaner, more efficient and more responsive to our customers’ changing needs. By modernising our systems and technology and using them more innovatively, we will position Airservices for a successful future doing what we do best—keeping air travellers safe.

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