ANA (Administration of Air Navigation) - Luxembourg

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4 Route de Tréves

Findel , L-2632



Tel +352 4798 22000

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The Administrations missions are:

  1. To ensure air traffic management (ATM) in Luxembourg and the neighboring airspace with their respective delegations of services established by competent air traffic control centers. Air Traffic Management (ATM) includes Air Traffic Services (ATS), Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM) and Airspace Management (ASM). The term ATS refers to Flight Information Service, Alerting Service, Advisory Service and Air Traffic Control (ATC). The term ATC refers to Area Control Service, Approach Control Service and Airport Control Service, respectively;
  2. to ensure the operational functioning of the airport as well as the respect of the easements related to air navigation;
  3. to ensure adequate coverage of radio navigation, guidance, aeronautical communications and airspace radar, and to manage, operate and maintain these facilities;
  4. to develop and implement security and quality management programs;
  5. to accelerate and regulate air traffic;
  6. to prevent collisions between aircrafts;
  7. to prevent collisions between aircrafts on the maneuvering area as well as between aircrafts and obstructions on that area;
  8. to provide advice and information that is useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights;
  9. to intervene in case of an accident or an aircraft incident that occured at Luxembourg airport and its immediate surroundings;
  10. to provide information services for preliminary landing and take-off procedures;
  11. to alert appropriate organisations for search and rescue missions and to assist such organisations as required;
  12. to provide meteorological support for air navigation, to manage and to provide climate data and to provide the services that national weather services are responsible for;
  13. to ensure compliance of aircraft trajectories and noise measuring;
  14. to exploitand to process recording systems for aeronautical communicationonaeronautical frequency bands, telephones and radar images;
  15. to provide maintenance on runways, taxiways, green areas and lighting;
  16. to archive and to process data related to all the tasks listed above and to manage their billing services;
  17. to manage the computer network;
  18. to ensurethe distribution of electrical power for administration facilities;
  19. to provide to the  Civil Aviation Authority and the agency designated in article 2 of the law of 26th July 2002 on the police and on the use of the  Luxembourg airport as well as on the construction of a new terminal all the information necessary to accomplish their missions.