ANA Equatorial Guinea

Visiting address

Postal address

Conakry Gbessia International Airport

Conakry Gbessia , BP3025

Equatorial Guinea


Tel +224 631 35 18 39

Association information

The National Aviation Agency is responsible for:

  • The implementation of the state policy in civil aviation;
  • Promotion of Civil Aviation in Guinea;
  • The development of technical regulations of Civil Aviation in accordance with standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, (ICAO);
  • The development and implementation of the strategy, in terms of civil aviation and air transport under the guidance of the Government;
  • The negotiation of international agreements in air transport;
  • The negotiations within the framework of authorizations and special mandates conferred by the state.
  • The application and enforcement of national regulations and international conventions signed and ratified by the State.

She is in charge:

  • The management of the Civil Aviation Safety;
  • The supervision and control of the Safety of Civil Aviation;
  • Rights management of air traffic;
  • The coordination and supervision of all aeronautical and airport activities and monitoring of the activities of international and regional organizations involved in the field of Civil Aviation.

The ANA Guinea is also responsible for monitoring and ensuring the implementation of agreements between the State operators in the sector and to represent it in meetings of international organizations whose activity is related to air transport.