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It was created in the Republic of Benin, by decree N ° 2004-598 of October 29, 2004, replacing the Civil Aviation Directorate (DAC), a public administrative and technical institution called the National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC). It has moral personality and financial autonomy. It is placed under the supervision of the Minister of Civil Aviation. ANAC is strictly independent of the structures it controls, on behalf of the state.

ANAC is in charge of ensuring, on behalf of the state, regulatory and control missions in the field of civil aviation. Thus, it provides benefits for the state even if some of them are paid, they go into the account of the state. However, she is not compelled to make profits. It only ensures the sovereign functions in civil aviation. In addition, it defines and executes state policy and represents it with all international civil aviation organizations. It also controls all airlines operating on the territory of the Republic of Benin, both domestic operators and foreign operators (regional and international) by granting them authorization and approval.


According to article 4 of the statutes, the ANAC is in charge of ensuring on behalf of the state, regulatory and control missions in the field of civil aviation. In this context, the functions of the agency are defined as follows:

• The design, development and control of the regulations relating to:

  • Safety and security of civil aviation;
  • Air transport and aerial work
  • To the air navigation
  • To the aircrew
  • The legal status and airworthiness of aircraft, their registration, the technical inspection of their operations and accident investigations;
  • Accident search and rescue activities.

• Regulations concerning technical standards for airport, aeronautical and meteorological equipment; 
• The regulations on authorizations to open and close aerodromes open to public air traffic and private aerodromes 
• Design and maintenance of civil and radio infrastructure; 
• Certification and certification of aeronautical training schools 
• Aerodrome management oversight 
• Accreditation of workshops and aircraft maintenance units 
• Aircrew regulations 
• Preparation and participation in aerodrome management negotiating international agreements on civil aviation
• Control of air fares 
• Licensing of flying clubs and air sports 
• Studies relating to air transport 
• Organization, coordination and control of air transport 
• Training of civil aviation personnel 
• Technical control of aircraft operations 
• Maintenance of relations with international bodies competent in the field of civil aviation 
• Regulatory monitoring of the operating activities of service companies benefiting from the rights of concessions in the airport field; 
• Monitoring the activities of the Agency for the Safety of Air Navigation in Africa and Madagascar (ASECNA)
• Coordination and supervision of all aeronautical and airport activities in the Republic of Benin 
• Budget design and implementation 
• Personnel management 
• Development and monitoring of the implementation of safety and security programs facilitation 
• Conduct of technical investigations of air incidents and accidents and the development of search and rescue procedures 
• Drafting of texts and procedures on bird hazards