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Airport Libreville

Libreville , BP 2212

Republic of Gabon


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All about the National Agency of Civil Aviation

The National Agency of Civil Aviation (ANAC) Gabon is a public institution with national competence, with technical autonomy and management, which was created by the Gabonese state by the law 005/2008 of July 11, 2008 , thus replacing the General Secretariat for Commercial and Civil Aviation (SGACC), Gabon's first Civil Aviation Authority, which had not undergone any major changes since its creation in 1972.

This creation responded to two concerns: firstly, the Gabonese Government's concern to put its civil aviation at the standard of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which advocates the transfer of civil aviation management to Autonomous organizations like what is already done in several surrounding countries, then the inscription of Gabon on the black list of the European Union, taking over the observations of ICAO.

The ANAC missions as enumerated in the law are:

  • the regulation;
  • multidisciplinary assessment and expertise;
  • the protection of freedoms;
  • guarantee the impartiality of the public authorities;
  • ensure the control and certification of air navigation control bodies and personnel, including:
    • aviation safety and security organizations;
    • Airspace and Airport Management Organizations - Aircraft Maintenance Organizations - Aircraft
    • technical maintenance personnel and aircrew.

As such, ANAC holds:

  • the power to investigate and make proposals or recommendations;
  • the power to regulate, investigate and control;
  • the power to pronounce injunctions;
  • the power to punish.

Subject to the specific missions entrusted to other public services by law, the ANAC exercises, on behalf of the State, all the prerogatives of the public authorities in the civil aviation sector, such as functions related to the regulation, supervision and control of air transport activities.

As such, the ANAC is responsible for:

  • develop and complete, in collaboration with other competent administrations, the laws and regulations of civil aviation;
  • to ensure the safety and regularity of air transport;
  • develop the procedures;
  • carry out audits on the organization and functioning of civil aviation structures;
  • set the annual audit programs;
  • control the activity of air transport;
  • to certify infrastructures and materials;
  • issue licenses and other operating authorizations for air transport;
  • initiate, supervise and direct investigations related to accidents, incidents and other malfunctions of air transport;
  • pronounce the administrative sanctions provided for by the texts in force;
  • provide training and certification of staff;

in particular, by ensuring the control of the execution of the missions of the implementing bodies of safety, security and facilitation measures at airports.