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The direction of the National Authority of Civil Aviation is ensured by a Director General appointed by decree taken in Council of Ministers, on proposal of the Minister in charge of Civil Aviation.

The Chief Executive Officer is an officer separate from the Chairman of the Supervisory Board.


The General Manager manages the ANAC. For this purpose, it has the most extensive powers to perform this function, subject to the powers of the Supervisory Board and the limit of the object of the National Authority of Civil Aviation.

In this respect, the Chief Executive Officer:

  • Is responsible for the execution of the missions entrusted to the National Authority of Civil Aviation;
  • Arranges the budget for the coming fiscal year which it submits for the approval of the Supervisory Board;
  • Arranges the accounts and balance sheets at the end of the financial years which it submits for the approval of the Supervisory Board;
  • Draws up the organizational framework which it submits for the approval of the Supervisory Board;
  • Authorizes missions both in Côte d'Ivoire and abroad for staff and members of ANAC bodies and issues mission authorizations;
  • Drafts and negotiates bilateral and international air service agreements on behalf of the State;
  • Determine whether the operator has the technical means and the financial resources necessary to ensure the proposed flights by using ground services (aerodromes, navigation aids, air traffic services, etc.) that can be made available;  
  • Signs and issues licenses, patents, certificates, approvals, authorizations and permits;
  • Certifies airfields;
  • Limit, suspend, cancel or revoke any License, Patent, Certificate, Authorization, Authorizations and Permit granted, when the conditions that prevailed upon their issue are no longer met;
  • Applies penalties for unauthorized landing;
  • Develops and proposes all regulations compatible with the Civil Aviation Code and the Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO);
  • Represents the State to regional and international institutions in the field of civil aviation;
  • Represents the National Authority of Civil Aviation in relations with third parties. 

All the various bodies and services, within the framework of their attributions, and in particular the police forces (Gendarmerie, police, customs, water and forests, military), called to exercise their functions in the airport zone, are put for use at the disposal of the Director General of the National Authority of Civil Aviation to enable him to exercise his mission.

The General Manager is the employer of ANAC staff, as defined by the Labor Code.

As such, it recruits and dismisses all agents and employees of the National Authority of Civil Aviation, sets the conditions for their admission to the ANAC.

He appoints to the various posts of responsibility to the exclusion of the officer who keeps the registry of registration which is named by decree of the Minister in charge of the Civil Aviation on proposal of the Director General.

The National Authority of Civil Aviation is organized in directions, sub-departments and services.

The Director General of the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) is assisted in his functions by five (5) directorates:

  • The Directorate of Administrative and Financial Affairs (DAAF);
  • The Directorate of Security and Facilitation (DSF);
  • The Directorate of Flight Safety (DSV);
  • The Directorate for Air Navigation and Aerodrome Safety (DSNAA);
  • The Air Transport Directorate (DTA).

The services directly attached to the Chief Executive Officer are as follows:

  • Financial Controller
  • Assistant to the Director General;
  • Pool Technical Advisors;
  • The Aeronautical Medicine Pole;
  • The Office of Safety, Quality and Environment (QESB);
  • The Communication and Public Relations Service (CPRS);
  • The Office of Study and Coordination SAR (SSAR).