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The National Agency of Civil Aviation was created by decree n °: 2004-079 of August 11, 2004, it is in charge of:

The execution of the policy of the State in Civil Aviation;

Promotion of Civil Aviation in Mauritania;

The development of Civil Aviation technical regulations in accordance with the standards of International Civil Aviation Organizations (ICAO);

The development and implementation of the strategy, in the field of Civil Aviation and air transport according to the guidelines of the Government;

Negotiation of international air transport agreements;

Negotiation within the framework of special authorizations and warrants conferred by the State;

 The application and control of the national regulations in force and international conventions signed and ratified by the State.

In particular, she is in charge of:

Civil Aviation Safety Management;

Civil Aviation safety oversight and control;

Management of air traffic rights;

Coordination and supervision of all aeronautical and airport activities and the monitoring of the activities of international and regional organizations working in the field of Civil Aviation;

ANAC is also responsible for monitoring and enforcing conventions linking the State to operators in the sector and representing the latter in meetings of international organizations whose activity relates to air transport.


A Mauritanian Civil Aviation Safe, Performing and at the service of Citizens

Strategic targets

1. To be among the top 2 of the "TOP AFRIQUE" of the ICAO classification before the end of November 2014

2. Continuous improvement of the surveillance system of airlines and service providers of aerodromes and air navigation in Mauritania according to the standards of the ICAO and best practices in the fields.

3. Nouakchott Airport Certification (SAM)

4. Significant improvement in the level of implementation of the SMS and SSP

5. Ensure the availability of a competent Human Resource