ANWS - Taiwan

Visiting address

Taiwan, R.O.C.

Postal address

10594 362

Binjiang St. Taipei


Tel +02 877 02 129

Fax +02 87702 612

Association information

ANWS is charged with the following responsibilities

  1. Collecting, managing, editing domestic/international aeronautical information, and promulgating national NOTAM, as well as providing flight information services.     
  2. ATM and verification of inbound/outbound aircrafts within Taipei FIR.
  3. Transmission services of aircraft status and domestic/international aeronautical telecommunication.
  4. Collecting and processing domestic/international aeronautical meteorological data, providing services such as aeronautical meteorological observations, forecasts and watches.
  5. Planning, designing, managing, monitoring, maintaining, researching and improving ATS.
  6. Planning, researching and developing in Flight Information, ATC, Aeronautical Telecommunication and Aeronautical Meteorology.
  7. Setup, improvement plan and related technical-information research of ATS equipment.
  8. Registration, transportation, storage, distribution, supply, procurement and management of ATS equipment.
  9. Other ATS related issues.