ASA SA – Cape Verde

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Espargos Sal Island

Cape Verde


Tel +238 241 13 72

Fax +238 241 15 70

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Asa, SA has as its main object the exploration and development in an entrepreneurial way and in the exclusive regime of the public service of support to civil aviation, the air traffic management, guaranteeing the services of departure, overflight and arrival of aircraft, the management of the cargo terminals and post offices, ensuring for this the activities and services inherent to aeronautical and air navigation infrastructures, at all public airports and aerodromes of Cape Verde and in the Oceanic Flight Information Region of Sal, designated by Oceanic FIR of Salt.

Directorate of Air Navigation (DNA): 

The Directorate of Air Navigation ( DNA ) is responsible   for ensuring, in accordance with national and international policies, regulations and regulations, and in the best conditions of safety and efficiency, the provision of air navigation services in the Oceanic FIR and TMA of the Salt and domestic airports.

It is within the purview of the Air Navigation Department to propose and implement the necessary policies to ensure the safe, efficient and quality management of the air traffic services in the FIR Oceânica do Sal, TMA and controlled national airports and to coordinate air traffic control activities and aeronautical information and communications.