ATCEUC - Air Traffic Controllers European Unions Coordination

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MERITIUS,431 avenue Georges Henri PostalCode



Postal address

MERITIUS,431 avenue Georges Henri

Brussels , 1200


Association information

ATCEUC was created in 1989 and is currently composed of 32 professional and autonomous trade unions representing more than 14000 Air Traffic Controllers throughout Europe. 

  • AEROCONTROL (Switzerland)
  • APTC (Switzerland)
  • ATCU (Serbia and Montenegro)
  • ATC Branch of IMPACT (Ireland)
  • ATSR (Romania)
  • BATCU (Bulgaria)
  • BHATCU (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
  • BGATC ( Belgium)
  • CACTU (Croatia)
  • CYATCU (Cyprus)
  • DATCA (Denmark)
  • FATCA (Finland)
  • GATCA (Greece)
  • GdF (Germany)
  • GLCCA (Luxembourg)
  • ITUATC (Serbia)
  • MATCA (Malta)
  • MATCU (F.Y.Rep of Macedonia)
  • NATCA (Norway)
  • NGATC (The Netherlands)
  • SKYCONTROL (Switzerland)
  • SINCTA (Portugal)
  • SNCTA (France)
  • SPKTA (Albania)
  • SSKL (Slovenia)
  • TUEM (Eurocontrol Maastricht)
  • UNICA (Italy)
  • UNICON (Kosovo)
  • USCA (Spain)
  • ZZKRL (Poland)
  • ICEATCA (Iceland)

All ATCEUC representatives are operational controllers. They do not get paid; they do not get any personal advantages for their work. They work for ATCEUC during their free time and when the meetings are over, they get back to air traffic control. It ensures a maximum level of coherence and understanding of professional issues. It also warrants a perfect transparency in whatever issue is at stake.

ATCEUC was founded as it became obvious that whatever the needs, the solution would have to take into account the fact that ATM is a completely integrated system. That integration meant and still means that future necessary evolutions would have to be designed at European, or even global level. In order to meet those international challenges, throughout Europe, ATC unions decided to pool the resources of their respective memberships. The position of the Air Traffic Controllers in the ATM system gives them a very clear and precise overview of what needs to change and evolve. ATCEUC was created to promote the views of its members at the European level, to take full advantage of ATCOs' expertise with regard to both technical and social issues and today grants them access to all the information available at European level and to all the European institutions.

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