Bangladesh CAA

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Dhaka , 1229



Tel +88 02 891 1400

Fax +88 02 891 3322

Association information

Air traffic Services are provided for the entire territory including territorial water of Bangladesh as well as in the airspace over the high seas encompassed by Dhaka FIR except that portion which has been delegated to Calcutta for provision of Air Traffic Services.

In some cases, in accordance with the regional air navigation agreement, air traffic services are provided, under the delegated authority, in airspace within another FIR.

Types of services;

- Flight Information Service (FIS) and Alerting Service (ALRS)
- Area Control (ACC)
- Radar
- Air Traffic Advisory Service

Services at aerodromes:

- Aerodrome Control (TWR),
- Aerodrome Flight Information Service (AFIS)
- Automatic Flight Information Service at HSIA, Dhaka and SAIA, Chittagong.