CAA - Bulgaria

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9 Diakon Ignatii Str.,

Sofia , 1000



Tel +359 2 937 1047

Fax +359 2 980 5337

Association information

International Relations Department

1. Responsible for organizing and carrying out activities related to the obligations stemming from international agreements signed by Bulgaria and from the membership of Bulgaria in international civil aviation organizations (ICAO, ECAC, CERG etc.)

2. Participation in the activities of EU Institutions.

3. Coordination and participation in activities related to bilateral agreements on air transport.

4. Coordination and implementation of activities related to the access to the market of air carriers.

5. Organization and coordination of activities related to air passenger rights in accordance with Regulation (ЕC) 261/2004 и Regulation (ЕC) 1107/2006.

6. Issue of flight permissions for national and foreign air carriers.

7. Carrying out of control activities on safe transportation of forbidden for transport by air dangerous goods, special production and possible dual use goods.

8. Issuing of flight permissions and exemptions for transportation of forbidden for transport by air dangerous goods.

9. Organization of activities related to statistical data in the field of civil aviation.

10. Organization of the activities related to Aviation Operators Register and Aviation Carriers Register.