CAA (Civil Aeronautics Administration) - Taiwan

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Postal address

No.340, Dunhua N. Rd.,

Taipei City , 10548

Taiwan (R.O.C.)


Tel +886-2-2349-6280

Fax +886-2-2349-6277

Association information

CAA, MOTC (herein after referred to as CAA) is in charge of the following:

  1. To promote the development of civil aviation industry, develop plans for civil aviation technologies and develop civil aviation policies.
  2. To develop plans to promote international civil aviation business, coordinate with International Civil Aviation Organization and other international civil aviation organizations.  
  3. To monitor and supervise on civil aviation enterprises and manage aircraft registration.
  4. To establish flight standards, promote aviation safety, conduct aircraft accident investigation and train and manage Airmen.
  5. To plan, supervise, and monitor matters regarding Aeronautical Communication, Meteorology, and Air Traffic Control Services.
  6. To plan and construct civil airports and necessary navid equipment.
  7. To coordinate between civilian and military authorities in airspace utilization and operation of navigation facilities.
  8. To plan, supply and manage civil aviation equipment and materials, and review and issue import and export license required for civilian aircraft and related materials.
  9. To conduct overall planning, coordination and promotion of civil aviation information systems, and perform operation, maintenance and management of relevant computer systems.
  10. To review and issue licenses for the design, manufacturing, repair and maintenance, and assembly of aircraft and associated equipment and parts, and for the manufacturing and maintenance plants and stations.
  11. Other matters related to civil aviation.