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Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA) was established on 24th October 2002 by the Civil Aviation (Amendment) Act, 2002 with the primary functions towards; Regulation and oversight of Aviation Safety & Security; Economic regulation of Air Services and development of Civil Aviation; Provision of Air Navigation Services, and Training of Aviation personnel KCAA; as guided by the provisions of the convention on international civil aviation, related ICAO Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs), the Kenya Civil Aviation Act, 2013 and the civil aviation regulations.

To plan, develop, manage, regulate and operate a safe, economically sustainable and efficient civil aviation system in Kenya, in accordance with the provisions of the Civil Aviation Act, 2013.

To be a model of excellence in civil aviation.

To develop, regulate and manage a safe, efficient and effective civil aviation system in Kenya.

Core Values
Commitment to Safety and Security: We endeavour to maintain a safe and secure environment in all areas of our operations and entire civil aviation industry within our jurisdiction.

Customer Focus: We undertake to embrace, meet, delight and exceed our customers’ expectations through passionate pursuit of service excellence. We shall invest on our people and systems, to continuously enhance quality service provision to our customers as a priority.

Commitment to Fairness and Equity: We commit to be fair and promote equity in all our activities. We enforce our corporate non-discrimination policy at an arm’s length.
We shall promote the Government’s efforts to avert corruption by remaining zero tolerant to corruption. KCAA will strive to be a just, accountable and performance driven Authority.

Commitment to Staff: We undertake to continuously invest in our human capital to enhance professionalism and integrity.

Creativity and Innovativeness: We recognize and encourage initiative, creativity and innovation aimed at adding value to our operations and supply chain command.

Respect for Diversity: We recognize and appreciate differences in gender, race, ethnicity, physical challenges, religion, age and generation. The differences complement and bind us together as one family, KCAA.

Strategic Achievements
1. Achieved an effective and sustainable safety and security oversight system.
2. Developed an effective and sustainable air transport system and established a modern CNS/ATM Systems.
3. Ensured safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic.
4. Attracted and retain competent, motivated and performance driven human capital.
5. Became a financially sustainable Authority by ensuring collection and appropriate usage of revenue.
6. Enhanced Customer Service through publication of KCAA Corporate Service Charter.
7. Established an international aviation training centre of excellence by revamping the facilities and capacity at the East African School of Aviation by acquisition of training simulators and achieving ICAO trainair plus status. 
8. Became ISO certified to ensure quality service provision.

The Establishment of a vibrant and highly competitive civil aviation industry is critical for the development of any country. In recognition of the foregoing role, KCAA encourages investments from both domestic and international air operators. In so doing, KCAA is fully implementing Vision 2030 which aims to make Kenya a middle income country by the year 2030.