CAA - Liechtenstein

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Städtle 38


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PO Box: 684

Vaduz , 9490



Tel +423 236 60 72

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Association information

After expiry of the transitional periods for the adoption of the EEA acquis in the field of civil aviation, the Civil Aviation Department (formerly DZL) was established by the Aviation Act, LGBl. 2003 No. 39 , and handed over to the Office for Construction and Infrastructure in 2013. The department has been assigned the following core tasks:

  • Granting of operating licenses to airlines
  • Processing of applications for entry in the Liechtenstein aircraft register
  • Investigations of accidents and incidents in civil aviation
  • Issuing and recognizing licenses to operate aircraft
  • Approval of traffic rights
  • Approvals and recognition of approvals in the field of technical regulations
  • Supervision of compliance.

As part of the adapted exchange of notes between Switzerland and Liechtenstein concerning the cooperation of the Swiss and Liechtenstein authorities in the field of civil aviation, LGBl. 2003 No. 40 , and the administrative agreement between the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) and the AHT, LGBl. 2010 No 77, as well as the administrative agreement between the Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau (BFU) and the DZL (LGBl. 2003 No. 42), the administrative implementation is carried out in close cooperation with the FOCA and the Swiss Accident Investigation Board (SUST). The legal bases quoted above can be found in the heading Legal.