CAA - Macao

Visiting address

Postal address

18/F Cheng Feng Commercial Centre

Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao , 336-342



Tel +853 2851 1213

Fax +853 2833 8089

Association information

Our Vision:

Dedicated to guaranteeing the safe and efficient development of aviation in Macao.

Our Missions:

                   •      Devising and enforcing Macao aviation laws and regulations

                   •      Setting Macao aviation safety and security standards

                   •      Ensuring compliance with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)                                      standards and Macao aviation laws and regulations by local operators, locally                                registered aircraft and licensed technical personnel

                   •      Adopting liberal aviation policies and implementing flexible measures in a timely
                          manner to cope with the airlines in developing markets

                   •      Promoting the development of aviation activities in line with the image of service

 Our Values:

                   •      Integrity

                   •      Responsibility

                   •      Professionalism

                   •      Teamwork


On the country level, Macao is not a direct ICAO member state. But being a special administrative region of China, Macao is acknowledged as an ICAO member administration under China. This enables Macao to form delegations to take part in ICAO meetings, conferences, workshops and various programmes.