CAA - Madagascar

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PO Box: 4414

13 Rue Fernand Kasanga

Antananarivo , 101



Tel +261 202 22 24 38

Fax +261 202 22 47 26

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Execute state policy on civil aviation.

Develop, implement and monitor the application of civil aviation regulations in accordance with ICAO standards.

Ensure the respect and maintenance of safety and security standards and the efficiency and regularity of air transport, the promotion of civil aviation in Madagascar, and healthy competition between operators and installation contractors services, the protection of the environment.

Advise the Minister of Civil Aviation on both domestic and international transport policy and ensure its application.


The Civil Aviation of Madagascar is a recognized Authority

The Civil Aviation of Madagascar is a reference in the Indian Ocean zone.

The Civil Aviation of Madagascar is a tool of development of the country


Act according to the norms that determine the minimum duties required for the accomplishment of his activity and act in an authentic and irreproachable way

Work at a degree above perfection

To act with a moral and intellectual exigency to do well, to act with exactitude.

Act by identifying with the group standard

Strategic axes

Excelling in the exercise and mastery of our profession and our mission

Develop an effective, rigorous management system

Develop our internal and external communication

Strengthen our contribution to the development of the sector and the economy