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Air Traffic Management (ATM) Section proposes requirements for certification arrangements and performs certification, oversight and application of regulations within the area of air traffic services and airspace management and air traffic flow management, required for enabling safe and efficient aircraft movement in all flight phases. The Section performs activities related to the following air traffic services (ATS):

1) Flight Information Service (FIS) provided for the purpose of giving advices and information useful for the safe and efficient conduct of flights;

2) Alerting Service (ALRS) provided to notify appropriate organisations regarding aircraft in need of search and rescue aid, and assist such organisations as required;

3) air traffic advisory service (ADVS)and Air Traffic Control Service (ATC) provided for the purpose of preventing collision between aircraft, and on the manoeuvring area between aircraft and obstacles, and expediting and maintaining an orderly flow of air traffic.

The Section also performs activities related to the Airspace Management (ASM), including planning with primary objective of optimising utilisation of the available airspace by its dynamic, time-shared allocation and occasionally, by allocation of airspace to different airspace user categories on demand, as well as activities related to Air Traffic Flow Management (ATFM), including services with the objective of contributing to a safe, orderly and expeditious flow of air traffic by ensuring that ATC capacity is utilized to the maximum extent possible, and that the traffic volume is compatible with the capacities declared by the appropriate ATS authority.

In addition, the Section performs activities related to: classification, design and utilisation of airspace, ATS route network according to the traffic flows, RVSM and FUA concept, TSA design, ACAS operating procedures, recommends the manner of organisation and infrastructure (COM, NAV, SUR) of the air traffic control and air traffic flow management service and certification, oversight and implementation of regulations applicable to air traffic control and air traffic flow management service; participates in international coordination and cooperation related to design and regulations applicable to the airspace management and air traffic flow management.