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PO Box: 3000

Al Sharq Tower, behind Qatar National Museum, Old Al Salata




Tel + 974 44557333

Fax + 974 44557103

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Air Traffic Control Division has the following functions:

  1. To carefully monitor air traffic in the Qatari air Space during take off as per the ICAO measures and regulations. The purpose is to prevent airplane accidents.
  2. To offer navigation services to control air traffic in the airport and airways in collaboration with the competent control tower.
  3. To monitor equipment and employees operating within the maneuver zone and airplane parking area, in order to prevent collision with the airplanes landing or taking off; and to provide weather forecasts and possible turbulences.
  4. To assist pilots in cases of emergency as per ICAO and local rules and regulations.
  5. To coordinate in advance with the different Agencies operating within the airport while maintenance is being carried out on devices used to guide planes.
  6. To inspect runways and lightings on a daily basis; and to prepare reports or issue orders regarding their maintenance, if required, to competent Agencies .
  7. To ensure that all navigation and telecommunication devices are in good condition.
  8. To ensure all Navigations maps required for landing are provided to airplanes; and to ensure they are modified when required.
  9. To report to concerned Agencies; and to fully coordinate with other Agencies in cases of emergency.
  10. To provide necessary guidelines to airplanes that loose track, ensuring they don't enter prohibited Areas.
  11. To Provide maps navigation and information on Airways and directions to beginner pilots and pilots who lack acquaintance with the region.
  12. To guide rescue workers during emergency; and to notify hospitals, and neighboring search and rescue centers.
  13. To monitor communications Frequencies with control towers; and to take prompt measures to address all kinds of emergency cases.
  14. To issue and distribute navigation bulletins related to aviation activities to stakeholders as per their needs.
  15. To issue and refer invoices for landing and Parking fees to the designated collection authorities.
  16. To organize and follow up modifications on approaching and landing plans (Navigation Charts).
  17. To draw up training plans and programs for workers within the division in collaboration with competent authorities within the QCAA.