CAA - San Marino

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Postal address

Via Cosiglio dei Sessanta 99

Dogana , 47891

Republic of San Marino


Tel +378 549 88 29 29

Fax +378 549 88 29 28

Association information

The Civil Aviation Authority and its Aircraft Registration Service has being developed and structured to become an attractive jurisdiction by offering the following benefits to aircraft owners and operators:

  • High levels of Safety
  • ICAO Compliance
  • Expeditious Service
  • Value for the Money
  • Flexibility
  • Personal Customer Service
  • Innovation through State-of-the-Art technology

Aviation Registry Group under an exclusive service level agreement and best practice is supporting the San Marino Civil Aviation Authority with capital investment, marketing, CAA personnel training, expert advice and ICAO regulatory support.

ARG activities include but limited to:

  1. Aviation Legislation
  2. Rule and Policy Making
  3. Aircraft Airworthiness Inspections and recommend the issuance of aircraft registration certificates
  4. Aircraft Registration Management
  5. Validate Flight crew and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licenses
  6. Aircraft Maintenance Organizations Inspections
  7. Review Manuals and Airspace approvals
  8. Quality Assurance
  9. Safety and Risk Management Reviews
  10. Developing and implementing a Aircraft Registration Management System (ARMS)