CAA - Slovenia

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Postal address

Langusova ulica 4

Ljubljana , SI-1000


Tel +386 1 478 83 18

Fax +386 1 478 81 39

Association information

The Directorate of Aviation and Maritime Transport performs general professional and administrative tasks relating to:

  • preparation of strategic orientations, policies and development tasks in the fields of aviation, maritime and inland waterway shipping;
  • providing conditions for the safe operation of aviation, maritime and inland waterway transport;
  • ensuring and monitoring the performance of utilities and concession contracts from the field of work;
  • preparation of laws and implementing regulations, and care for their implementation;
  • participation in the work area in EU institutions, bodies and working bodies;
  • participation in international organizations;
  • exercising supervision over the bodies within the Ministry (Public Agency for Civil Aviation of the Republic of Slovenia and the Maritime Administration of the Republic of Slovenia)
  • and others.