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CAA Profile

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) was established in 1991 through CAA Ordinance number 2 of 1991, which was laterreplaced by CAA Statute Number 3 of 1994, Cap 354. The Act spells out the establishment, objectives, functions and powers of the Authority.

Our Mission

In order to keep focussed on the cardinal purpose for its establishment and in line with the convention that guides the development and management of the international civil aviation system, the Authority set itself a mission that seeks "to maintain the highest standards of safety, security and service in Civil Aviation."

Our Vision

CAA's Vision is for "the Safest, Most efficient and Affordable Air Transport system in Africa and Beyond."

Our Objectives

As a way of achieving its mission, the Authority is propelled by the cardinal objective of its establishment which is "to promote the safe, secure, regular and efficient use and development of civil aviation inside and outside Uganda."

Secondary objectives include the following:

  • Maximisation of revenue by providing facilities and services on cost recovery basis to the extent possible.
  • Maintenance of a high quality, cost sensitive and well motivated workforce.
  • Promotion and support of efforts for protection of the environment.
  • Continued improvement of the quality of services to customers of airports managed by the Authority.

Core Values


We take responsibility for our actions and account for them at all levels. Value for money and good corporate governanceare the foundations of our decisions. We will take the high road by practicing the highest ethical standards, and by honoring our commitments.


We understand the dynamics of our industry and the needs of our clientele. In order to endure, we observe a high level of flexibility without compromising the safety and security standards of our services.

Passion for Technology:

We realize we live in a changing environment, driven by rapid technological innovations and changes. Our passion for technological changes enables us to prioritize our resources, our energies, our plans and programmes, for better service to our clients.


We know our people are our biggest and most important asset. We encourage and recognize initiative. We emphasize their training and welfare. Our strength and our competitive advantage will always be in our people.


The highest quality of service is our ultimate. We take pride in delighting our clientele. We invest in our reputation. From our people to our services and in all our relationships, quality is our signature.


In all our plans, practices and programmes, transparency is key. It defines our development rhythm, it resonates with our Vision.

CAA Functions

The Authority advises government on policy matters concerning civil aviation generally and on matters regarding international conventions relating to civil aviation and the adoption of measures necessary to give effect to the standards and recommended practices of the international air transport system. CAA among the many functions also:

  • Licences operators and aviation crew
  • Provides air navigation services
  • Coordinates and directs search and rescue services
  • Certifies operators and aircraft
  • Establishes, maintains, operates and owns aerodromes
  • Carries out other functions as may be conferred upon it by government or any other law.

Organisational Structure

For administrative and operational purposes, the Authority is structured under five directorates:

  • Directorate of Airports and Aviation Security
  • Directorate of Air Navigation Services
  • Directorate of Safety, Security and Economic Regulation
  • Directorate of Finance
  • Directorate of Human Resource and Administration