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Aviation is one of the world’s fastest growing modes of transportation, relied upon by millions of  people across the globe. It connects people and economies and opens up markets.

The International Group, part of the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), is committed to supporting the sustainable success of air transportation by raising the standards of aviation across the globe, to protect those who choose to fly, as well as those who don't.

There are three functions within the International Group. Each of them fosters strong and lasting relationships with organisations across the aviation spectrum, to lay the foundations for long term collaboration on safety and security performance and progression of aviation strategies:

  • Our International Strategy and Engagement team works with global and regional organisations, as well as aviation agencies, on international policy issues.
  • Our State Safety Partnerships programme engages with individual states, their industries and UK industry on the management of safety performance and risk mitigation.
  • CAA International is our technical advisory arm, providing capacity building, technical advice, training, examination and licensing services internationally, generating profit with a purpose and allowing us to redeploy funds where they are needed most.

Our shared focus is making a widespread positive impact on the global aviation community, by bringing together experience, technology and resources in an actionable and long-lasting way.

We work together for better aviation – shaping tomorrow’s international aviation legislation, improving regulatory capacity and efficiency and sustaining society’s confidence in aviation.

Our vision

A world where every state has a sustainable aviation system protecting those who fly and those who do not.

Our mission

Developing fundamental partnerships and growing our influence worldwide to tackle major aviation challenges and achieve consistent standards of regulation across the globe.

Our purpose

We exist to improve aviation standards sustainably across the globe, connecting states with expertise from the CAA and developing our partners’ people to help them lead the aviation world of tomorrow. Where our activities make a profit, we reinvest a sustainable proportion to extend our reach and fulfil our purpose.

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