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The Falkland Islands Civil Aviation Department is responsible for certain aspects of aviation regulatory oversight throughout the islands as designated by HE the Governor. Our small team of qualified staff are dedicated to ensuring that we meet our obligations regarding aviation regulation as set out in the designation instrument issued by HE the Governor.

Our Responsibilities as the Civil Aviation Regulator

Aviation in the Falkland Islands has a number of stakeholders and it is important to understand the various roles that each has and where responsibilities rest. It should be remembered at all times that all stakeholders should work within their remit towards continuous improvement in safety, and a more efficient and effective aviation sector.

In the Falkland Islands regulation responsibility is designated by H.E. the Governor. Currently, designations have been made locally, where we are competent to do so, in the Director of Civil Aviation (DCA) or otherwise with Air Safety Support International (ASSI - the United Kingdom's CAA subsidiary for British Overseas Territories). As competency to regulate additional designations is achieved they will be assigned to the DCA as a matter of policy.

ASSI has the responsibility of writing and maintaining both the enabling legislation (AN(OT)O- Air Navigation {Overseas Territories} Order) and the acceptable means of compliance with the Order (OTAR- Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements). It is important for the Regulator (each designation) to provide clear direction to industry on the AN(OT)O and the OTAR and to ensure, through an effective programme of regulatory oversight, that the aviation industry operates in accordance with those instruments.