CAMA (Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority) - Yemen

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  1. Issuing a license to establish an airport or a runway.
  2. Supervising the assessment of all levels of airports and air navigation services from all technical aspects, systems, procedures, machinery, equipment, buildings, devices, facility, aircraft traffic areas and parking areas to ensure compliance with safety standards, standards and requirements set by the International Civil Aviation Convention and its annexes and civil aviation regulations and legislation.
  3. Follow up the implementation of standards and regulations through inspection, inspection and international and special examinations.
  4. Follow-up development of technical standards and systems on an ongoing basis.
  5. To evaluate all the work and specialties of fire and rescue services at all airports of the Republic and raise them to the level of international standards and local requirements.
  6. Evaluate the level of personnel working in technical fields.
  7. Issuance of registration certificate for new aircraft.
  8. Issuing a certificate of validity for new aircraft.
  9. Renewal of the validity certificate for aircraft registered with the National Civil Register.
  10. Maintenance programs for non-approved aircraft.
  11. Adoption of the amendments included for aircraft maintenance programs.
  12. Adopt minimum MEC aircraft lists.
  13. Issuing and approving internal and external maintenance centres.
  14. Renewal of internal and external maintenance centres.
  15. Examining the arena for foreign aircraft and national RAMP INSPECTION.
  16. Aircraft Inspection and Deferred and Repeated Damage Limitations.
  17. Maintenance stations.
  18. Renovation of maintenance stations.
  19. Adoption of technical manuals for maintenance procedures for internal companies.
  20. Medical examination procedures for observers, pilots and students.
  21. Medical evaluation of the results of the medical examiner.
  22. Issuing various medical licenses.
  23. Conducting studies, research and analysis of data on accident incidents of aircraft and proposing the necessary recommendations to prevent recurrence.
  24. Organizing and managing the work of the investigative committees and participating in the preparation of their reports.
  25. Study the recommendations issued by the International Organization (ICAO) regarding the investigation and implementation of accidents.
  26. Documentation of all references and documents related to aircraft, the International Aviation Organization (ICAO) and other publications, as follow-up updates in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  27. Management and implementation of all financial works from revenues, expenses and management of personnel, procurement and warehousing.