CAO (Civil Aviation Organisation) - Iran

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PO Box: 13445-1795

Mehrabad International Airport



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Duties of Civil Aviation Organization of Iran

Duties of Civil Aviation Organization of Iran as the governmental agency that exercises its role of sovereignty in the country's air transportation industry are as follows:

  • Policy -making and planning in technical, economical and international commercial domains in air transportation.
  • Policy-making and planning in type and number of navigational and communicational sites at airports, and monitoring performance of airports.
  • Policy-making and planning in educating and training of specialized personnel for all aviation institutions.
  • Policy- making and planning in telecommunications sector, issuing                           
  • Communicational  procedures, exchanging messages, and supplying the required equipment at airports.                                                                             
  • Planning in establishment of emergency electrical systems and runway lighting
  • , and monitoring proper installation and utilization of the related systems and equipment.
  • Issuing the required procedures used in ground operation safety, firefighting, personnel training, and monitoring correct performance of activities.
  • Establishing flight standards and regulations, monitoring airlines airworthiness and compliance with safety standards, and issuing certificates.
  • Formulating regulations and procedures for controlling state space, issuing flight permissions or preventions, and monitoring airport ATCs.
  • Certifying all kinds of aircrafts capable to operate in Iran.
  • Preparing agreements and international contracts and their exchanges.
  • Preparing, establishing and monitoring security and protective procedures according to relevant domestic and international standards,  and regulations.
  • Membership and communication with international civil aviation organization (ICAO) and other world organizations with regarding relevant regulations.
  • Investigating aviation incidents and accidents, and applying required legal penalties according to relevant regulations.
  • Examining and presenting airport plans, and monitoring compliance with relevant international standards.
  • Confirming technical and specialized competence of airport and operational managers before appointment to their positions by Managing Director of Iranian Airport Company.
  • Planning and administrating office, financial and legal affairs, and supplying other managerial and supportive services to the organization.
  • Issuing, extending, suspending and canceling certifications of air travel agencies.
  • Constant monitoring and evaluating activities of air travel agencies.

Briefing and specialized training of technical managers of air travel agencies, and holding relevant expertized examinations.