Civil Aviation Authority - Albania

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Rr. Sulejman Delvina


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PO Box: 205

Rr. Sulejman Delvina




Tel +355 4 22 51 220

Fax +355 42 223969

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Our mission is to create a civil aviation environment in line with international standards, through continuous monitoring, interaction with operators and a high level of professional competence of AAC staff.

The Civil Aviation Authority has clear responsibilities for regulating and supervising the safety of all civil aviation activities in the Republic of Albania, pursuant to Law no. 10.040 dated 22.12.2008 "Air Code of the Republic of Albania". Being a member of the International Aviation Organizations, in accordance with our respective obligations, we are fully committed to contributing "to ensure a safe and orderly increase of international civil aviation globally". Our safety promotion objectives are integrated with the ICAOs / ECAC, / EASAs and EUROCONTROL systems transposed into the basic civil aviation legislation in the Republic of Albania, the Air Code, the Law on the Authority of the CAA and the DCMs, the Orders, the Guidelines purpose, guaranteed a safe air transport.

AAC is geared towards meeting effectively and efficiently the needs of passengers and society as a whole. AAC seeks to promote the development of civil aviation and to simplify economic development throughout the country, through sustained and continuous cooperation with all involved parties.