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State Civil Aviation of Republic of Azerbaijan was established by the Decree № 512 of the President of the Republic Azerbaijan dated 29 December 2006 and is the central executive body, exercising control, state policy and regulation in the sphere of civil aviation. The total number of employees of the Administration is determined as 49 persons. Expenditures for maintenance and activities of the Administration are financed from the state budget of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

The State Civil Aviation Administration is headed by a director and two deputy directors appointed and dismissed by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan. At the present time Director of the Administration is Mr.Arif Mammadov.

The administration consists of five departments:

  • Flight Safety Oversight Department
  • Aviation Security Department
  • Licensing and State Registry Department
  • Foreign Relations Department
  • Financial and Economic Department

A Board consisting of the Director, deputy Directors and the heads of structural divisions of the central staff is established. The Office of the Higher Attestation Commission and the Commission for the certification and licensing of subjects of civil aviation of the Republic of Azerbaijan also operates under the Administration.

According to the "Regulations of the State Civil Aviation Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan" approved by the Decree № 565 of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan dated April 20,2007, the Administration has the following main functions:

  • Participates in the formation of the state policy in the field of civil aviation and ensures the implementation of this policy;
  • Oversights safety of civil aircraft operations, aviation security and environmental protection from civil aircraft emissions
  • Performs, within its authorities, regulatory functions in the field of aviation
  • Carries out a state supervision in the field of civil aviation
  • Maintains cooperation with international civil aviation organizations, directly participate in their activity, and act in mutual cooperation with aeronautical authorities of foreign countries
  • Implements a unified national policy on airworthiness of civil aircraft
  • Carries out mandatory certification of all civil aviation entities of the Republic of Azerbaijan, including aviation equipment, in accordance with the national and international requirements
  • Develops, together with the appropriate executive authorities, the rules governing the use of air space, rules of the air for civil aircraft in the Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as other normative legal acts
  • Issues permissions to civil aircraft of foreign countries to operate (scheduled and charter flights) to civil airports of the Republic of Azerbaijan
  • Performs inspections of activities of the civil aviation entities in the Republic of Azerbaijan; develops competitive air transportation market
  • Conducts investigation of civil aircraft incidents (accidents)
  • Resolves on drafts of the legislative acts pertaining to the relevant field;
  • Makes recommendations to the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Azerbaijan:
    • With regard to adherence to international agreements in the relevant field
    • Regarding construction of airports, aerodromes, heliports and other civil aviation facilities of national significance and coordination of such activities
    • With regard to opening (closing) of civil airports, aerodromes, heliports for international flights