DAC (Directorate of Civil Aviation) - Luxembourg

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4 Rue Lou Hemmer

Luxembourg , L-1748



Tel +352 247 74 900

Fax +352 46 77 90


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Under the authority of the Minister of Transport, the Civil Aviation Directorate's mission is to:

  • to assist and advise the Minister in the performance of his civil aviation duties;
  • ensure the safety and security of all civil aviation activities in Luxembourg by issuing special rules to this effect and ensuring compliance by all operators in the civil aviation sector;
  • to develop and update civil aviation regulations in accordance with international regulations;
  • manage the aircraft registration register;
  • to examine applications for air transport operating licenses and air carrier certificates;
  • to issue, without prejudice to the powers reserved to the Minister, licenses, certificates, approvals, approvals and any other authorizations required by the legislation or regulations in force and to check compliance with them;
  • to ensure the maintenance or improvement of the level of safety and security in the aeronautical field in accordance with national and international legislation and regulations;
  • to ensure, as the managing entity within the meaning of this law, the mission of administration and management of airport infrastructures as well as coordination and control of the activities of the various operators present at the airport;
  • to promote, coordinate and supervise the development of civil aviation.