DC-ANSP (Dutch Caribbean - ANSP)

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Seru Mahuma z/n




Tel +599 9 83 93 550

Fax +599 9 86 83 012


Association information

DC-ANSP was founded as Netherlands Antilles Air Traffic Control (“NAATC”) which was incorporated in Curaçao on 9 February 2005 and became operational on 1 April 2006.

DC-ANSP is an Air Navigation Service Provider (“ANSP”) which is responsible for the Air Traffic Services (“ATS”) within the Curaçao Flight Information Region (FIR).

DC-ANSP operates 3 air traffic control facilities: an Area Control Centre located in Curaçao and two Aerodrome Control Towers, one located at Hato International Airport (Hato Control Tower) and the other one located at Bonaire International Airport (Flamingo Control Tower).

DC-ANSP has to adhere to binding treaties and decisions of international organizations as well as local regulations of Curaçao and Bonaire, that effect the performance of the public duties of the company.